Everything is fine.

person holding stack of papers saying "I'm sorry, I'm just really really busy these days..." facing tiger mascot saying "It's fine, don't worry about it, we'll be fine."

person sitting at a laptop asking "How's Baseball Santa working out?" Older man squishing Tigers hat on top of Twins hat, Tiger mascot standing behind him says "He's great, all fine, no worries!"

Person hanging up artwork with a level asks "How's Miggy doing?" Tiger mascot holding baseball player with injured leg in his arms says "Great! Totally fine!"

Person sitting at drawing board asks "And what about Victor?" Tiger mascot smiles nervously hiding behind him a baseball player looking at a bat in confusion.

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

I think Paws and I might have a slightly different definition of ‘fine,’ but to be perfectly honest, I haven’t had time to watch as many games as usual this year, while Paws has seen all the games (or at least, we may assume, all the home games). Perhaps I should just trust his judgement on this.

Tiger mascot standing in front of AL Central standings showing Tigers with 38-48 record, saying "We may be way under .500, but so is almost everyone else!"

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on.

4 responses to “Everything is fine.

  1. Great to see you back at the drawing board. While the losing streak was ugly and the talent level is not high, this is a scrappy team that plays hard for Gardy. The farm system is finally productive, and help will be on the way in the next couple of seasons. Better days are ahead for the Tigers!

  2. Always happy to see your take on things. Stay well

  3. When the Rally Goose craze was in full swing, I remember thinking of Hamsters and Mantises and missing how you might have run with it. Hope you’re doing well. It was good to have an update. The 2018 Tigs are better than I expected they’d be, but you still haven’t missed much.

  4. Honestly, I can relate to Paws.

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