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pug marks, June 10-11

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Excellent game. Miller was shaky early, but it looks like Glavine was shakier overall. How many 22 year old kids get to say that they went up against Tom freakin’ Glavine, and outdueled him? Granted, 4 runs in 5.1 innings isn’t too great, but it’s loads better than 9 runs in 4.1 innings, which is what Glavine managed. Big pat on the back for Miller. He earned every swing of that offense explosion today.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that some TV station somewhere is a bunch of jerks (I think I need to blame FOX for this one, right?), I didn’t get to actually SEE the game. Since I therefore don’t have much more to say about it, today’s a good time for some more pug marks.

pug mark 1
Brandon Inge should break his toe more often.

Since his return from the injury (which he is playing through), Inge has been 6-for-17 with a home run, a double, and 5 RBI, all for a line of .353/.450/.588. For comparison, in the 5 games before his injury, he was 3-for-17 with 1 double, no home runs, and no RBI.

Either Brandon Inge is a secret masochist and the pain is helping him hit, or the pain meds are making him feel just fiiiine and groovy up there at the plate.

pug mark 2

It’s coming up on that time of the year again. Yes, All Star voting time. Now, the world is used to seeing the All Star game smothered in an excess of Yankee bile, but usually the Yankees involved have SOME claim to the position. This year, however, we are seeing a crime perpetrated right before our very eyes.

Placido Polanco, who is superior to Robinson Cano in pretty much every way, is trailing him in the All Star voting standings, due only to the fact that Cano is swaddled in pinstripes. Quo Vadimus, a Detroit blog, has a Campaign for Righteousness, telling people to go to the polls and vote for Polanco.

A vote for Placido Polanco is a vote for freedom!! JOIN US IN OUR GLORIOUS CRUSADE. Unlike religious crusades, you can happily engage in this one, secure in the knowledge that you are ACTUALLY, PROVABLY IN THE RIGHT.

pug mark 3
The plans to demolish Tiger Stadium have been OKed. Nominally OKed. This is Detroit, after all, and we all know how efficient Detroit is when it comes to getting things done. Especially when it comes to buildings.

Big Al wants the city to just get on with it already. I agree with him that I think the place is beyond ‘saving’ at this rather late date. I am a bit more nostalgic for it than him, though. This probably has something to do with my constant exposure to Fenway Park.

pug mark 4
Kenny Rogers had a promising rehab start. Woo. Miller’s start today may have worked out alright in the end, but I wouldn’t like to rely on the offense that heavily again, you know? I’d be happy to get Kenny back sooner rather than later. Uh. Obviously.

Curiously enough, one of the only triple-Aers to get any hits off of Rogers in 3.2 innings was former Pirate and briefly former Toledo Mudhen Tike Redman.

pug mark 5
Is there anything worse than losing a no-hitter with two outs in the 9th? And having that one hit account for the one run that means you lose the game? I would say no.

Alas for me and all Michigan fans, because that’s what happened to Zach Putnam and the Wolverines yesterday. The link is to my write-up of it over at my other blog; it was traumatizing enough that I’m not keen to get into it a second time over here. Sniffle, sob, etc. We knock off the #1 team in the country, Vanderbilt, and then get stuck with last year’s national champions. Someone up there really wants us to suffer.

Game 2, which is now a possible elimination game, is at 4 pm PST (7 EST) on, I think, ESPN2. So if you’re keen on watching it, there y’go.

pug mark 6
I was going to link one of the analytical pieces over at Tiger Tales here, but then I couldn’t decide which one to link. There’s the most recent Run Preventing Events post…. there’s a good post about Bondo (almost) leading the universe in Fielding Independent Pitching… there’s a nice little concise prospect report. Just go check Lee’s stuff out if you’re into baseball analysis and Deep Thought and all those things you’re less likely to get ’round here.

pug mark 7
If you have ever expended one tiny bit more thought on baseball mascots than they deserved, you should read my insane rant on the subject. I have very strong feelings about mascots, OK? And some of them are just… well, they deserve strong feelings. I’ll give Paws credit, though… he’s moved up some in my estimation with his new, less mothy suit this season.

pug mark 8
This is kind of hilariously recursive… I’m linking to Mack Ave. Tigers’ version of a pug marks post. LOL INTERNET. But it’s worth it, because Kurt goes into who he likes and dislikes in the bullpen before he gets to the links, and I mostly agree with him. Except I would say that instead of “sorta disliking” Fernando, I “hate and mistrust” Fernando, and I’m much higher on Ledezma than he is.

not quite Tigers, but… possible future Tigers!

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Now I ask you: is there anything better than being without baseball for months and months and months and months, and then all at once going to FOUR GAMES IN THREE DAYS?

(the answer is yes, there is something better, and that something is “never being without baseball at all”, but we must make do with what we are given)

Michigan baseball finally started their home season this past Friday, and I went, and then I went to the double header on Saturday, and then I went to the game today, Sunday. And I took many a photo, and had glorious times a-plenty.

For those who care, Michigan swept the series (against Oakland University), winning Friday’s game 9-2, Saturday’s games 4-1 and 4-3 respectively, and winning Sunday’s game 17-0. I guess Oakland got tired by the time Sunday rolled around…

“Coverage” of Friday’s game and the Saturday double header is right here; Sunday’s thrill of a blowout will be over at BCRS (I’ll take a break from my little art experiment over there), and I’ll link that here when it’s up and running. Might be a bit before I get the photos from that online, though.

All the photos that follow in this post were taken by me. So there.

After an exciting day spent racing around the art school like an echidna with its head cut off, I hauled rear down to Ray Fisher stadium to watch me some REAL LIVE BASEBALLS. The Fish is a hot mess right now, since its outer bits are under construction, funded by Mr. Fred Wilpon of the Mets. If you are casting about for an NL to root for this season, I highly recommend the Mets. Good people over there. Smart folks. Funding Michigan baseball. Go buy their merchandise.

There is something wonderful about being able to wander into a stadium, flash your student ID in lieu of payment, and just walk straight up to the back of the visitor’s dugout, where it is totally OK to dump your camera bag and scorecard on the roof while you spack out about BEING AT A BASEBALL FIELD where there is shortly going to be LIVE BASEBALL ACTION and it will be RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR HAPPY LITTLE FACE. I mean, I love the pro game, we all know this, but college ball…. it’s got something going for it, you know?

Part of that something is an ability to get pretty close shots even if you have a cruddy wee tiny camera, but there’s also that whole atmosphere, and the innocence-of-unpaid-labor business too.

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