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Terrible Cartoons from a Not-Terrible Weekend

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

I will be honest: although I did watch the entire game yesterday, after that top of the 10th I was quite thoroughly mired in Despair. It just seemed like the sort of thing that the Tigers absolutely do not overcome. I was resigned to my fate, willing to watch the sad final eep of the Tigers as they finished off the game, probably with something horrible like a weak groundout double play.

Then a whole bunch of magical baseball things happened, ending with MIGUEL CABRERA LEADING HIS FELID TROOPS TO VICTORY! Also, one of the most epic Super Best Friends hugs ever.

The pure, beautiful, boundless love between Prince and Miggy is one of the greatest things about this season and I think you will all agree.

Austin Jackson was instrumental in that last push to unexpected victory. He also had two triples on the day. Austin Jackson loves getting three bases at once and Comerica likes to reward him for that very specific affection.

The less said about Joe West, the better, but there had to be a cartoon.

Obligatory (?) Doug Fister with Hulk Hands doodle from Saturday’s complete game Fiesta Tigres masterpiece.

I guess the Tigers acquired Jeff Baker from the Cubs at some point, with the idea that he will be the right-handed bat that Ryan Raburn (DL’d with a wonky thumb, or at least that’s what they’re saying; could be DL’d with Persistent Awfulness) never quite was this season. The Cubbie haul has not yet been named. Verdict: meh, but I am a little concerned on behalf of Quintin Berry for the reason illustrated above.

Where in the World Tigers system is Danny Worth? He had been down, then he got called up, but now I think he’s down again? Maybe? I actually have no idea. I doubt that Danny Worth even knows where he is anymore. He has been up and down and down and up so many times this season that he’s practically two quarks, or at least this awkward yo-yo.

the new old backup catcher

photo by Samara Pearlstein

He’s baaaaaaaack!

The catcher with the pimpin’ nickname has returned to the Tigers. Our old buddy ‘Source’ has Detroit reportedly today signing Gerald Laird to a one-year deal (terms as yet unknown) pending a physical.

Laird returns to the Tigers with a restful year behind him (he played in 37 games in 2011) and a World Series ring. Yes. Gerald Laird: World Series Champion– a sentence fragment made possible because Laird was able to find it within himself to be That One Guy Who Was Pretty Good About Staying Out of Yadier Molina’s Way.

We all know how G-Money hits these days. We know that he just turned 32. We know that he didn’t want to re-sign with the Tigers before because he wanted more playing time and he was definitely not going to get that in Detroit. We know that he helped bring Alex Avila up as a kitten and thus may have trouble accepting him as The Guy now. This signing is nothing to get excited about… but come on, Laird is (now) a backup catcher. The only time it makes sense to get excited about a backup catcher is if it’s a young kid being trained for a future starting role. Alex Avila, as The Guy, is The Future, so if all goes as it should (knock on dead tree surfaces) there will be no excitement about backup backstops for a while in Detroit.

Here’s why this is still (probably) (mostly) ok:

–The fact that he hardly played last season will mean that Laird ought to be well-rested and in fairly good condition for 2012. He will also have a year’s worth of experience backing up under his belt, and he should be used to playing only after long stretches on the bench by now.

–Although their roles were at the time reversed from what they ought to be in 2012, Laird did seem to get along well with Alex Avila his first time around (remember him leaping in to defend Avila from a pissy Armando Galarraga).

–He knows many of the Tigers pitchers already, and he’s a crusty old veteran with plenty of big league experience, so he shouldn’t have much trouble getting up to speed with the ones he doesn’t know.

–He’s not a true DH snuck onto the roster under the cover of the backup catcher position. I love Victor Martinez, but that whole situation was incredibly poorly handled, and if Avila had been one hamstring less tough it would have been an unmitigated disaster. With Laird in the fold the Tigers will have an actual backup catcher again, and Leyland will have fewer excuses to play Avila into an early baseball grave.

–There is no NBA to provide a venue for Laird Family Issues.

–Rod and Mario will get to say ‘G-Money’ during broadcasts again.

Gerald Laird is not going to do much to help the team offensively. But look: you and I and Paws already knew that Avila was going to get the bulk of the playing time, and thus the burden of offensive production out of the catcher’s spot was always going to fall squarely on his manly man shoulders. Laird will be a serviceable backup. He should be a serviceable backup.

Heck, he’s a warm body we know and he’s better than NO backup, and that’s the main thing.

Gerald Laird is still crispy, and other such things.

image by Samara Pearlstein, sadly

–Every single time Rod Allen says, “Gerald Laird’s back is still crispy,” as he did today, the above is what happens in my mind. I can’t help it. I know that what Rod really means is something along the lines of ‘Gerald Laird has some persistent soreness and general pain in the muscles of his back,’ but he SAYS ‘Laird is crispy’, and I just can’t run that through my brain without turning Gerald Laird into some sort of fried food item first. Tell me you thought the same. Come on. SOME of you did.

–Thank cats for the last two games, even though one was a loss. I was starting to worry that the Tigers had forgotten how to finish a baseball game in 9 innings.

–Ryan Raburn was not in the lineup Sunday, apparently because he is sick. But if he was sick, why was he sitting in the dugout during the game, all getting his germy hands on everyone else, all breathing his sickly breath on people, getting his pestilential saliva all over the place, hmm? It’s bad enough that ballplayers never use a tissue when a shirtsleeve or bare hand will do, but this seems to be courting team-plague disaster. You wonder how a simple illness seems to rip through every other guy in a clubhouse? THIS IS HOW.

–They had Brad Thomas warming up very very early, before Armando Galarraga was even in a panickingly huge amount of trouble. I assume they would not have had him starting if he had pain in his arm, but why have Thomas up so early? Maybe Armando was feeling ill too and they had to be ready to send someone in if he started projectile vomiting or whatever.

–Mario was making a real effort, but Rod refused to even try to pronounce ‘Ka’aihue’.

–Miguel Cabrera is back and, yes, he went 0-for-4 tonight, but phew. PHEW. It’s just good to see him out there, hopefully not reinjuring himself.

–Max St. Pierre got his first big league hit! For justice! For perseverance! For CANADA!

–The Monday game (a day game, remember) will be Wrong Sox Edwin Jackson vs. Max Scherzer. I really hope St. Pierre is catching. It could be Maxwell throwing to Maxim, and that would be aces.

riding the Rhino to victory

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

True blogger story time. I prefer to get post cartoons one of three ways: a) something drawn, scanned, and colored quickly right after a game; b) a cartoon I have used before, or one that was just hanging out on my hard drive because I scanned it in and then forgot about it or something; and c) a cartoon I draw right BEFORE a game, hoping it will still be relevant after the game.

The ideal way to do this, of course, is (a), because you never know what sorts of shenanigans are going to go down, who’s going to have a good or spectacularly bad game, etc. But (b) happens a lot when I’m really busy and don’t have time to go through the whole draw/scan/color thing, or the game runs really late and I’m tired by the end and it’s all I can do to type words that are mostly spelled properly. I usually only do (c) if I know for a fact that I’m going to be tired/I have an exceptionally early morning the next day/I know I’m going to miss a good chunk of the game, and I haven’t posted a new cartoon in a while so I’m starting to guilt myself about it.

HOWEVER, almost EVERY SINGLE TIME I doodle a Terrible Cartoon before the game, the player in the cartoon fails horrifically during the game. Even if I have drawn something generic and innocuous, like Miguel Cabrera swinging a bat– that will be the day when Miggy goes 0-for-5 and also bobbles an easy play at first. Almost without fail. Paws forbid I’ve gone with a cartoon of the starting pitcher, he’ll have to exit early because he’s crying blood on the mound.

Today I had Ryan Raburn riding the rhino done well before the game… and Rhino had a two-run homer that ended up being almost all the Tiger scoring for the night! At Yankee Stadium! And the Tigers won! (Even though Papa Grande did his very best to Fernando us.) YES. Victory! Thank you for bucking the trend, Rhino, and making everyone’s lives easier.

Oh, and while I was away, apparently this happened?

What is this? Fighting the other team, yes, I approve. Fighting each other, NO. Bad kitties!

Manager Jim Leyland didn’t mind the scuffle. In fact, he said, “I kind of liked it.”

The passion. The intensity.

Perhaps Johnny Damon summed it up best: “All I know is dissension breeds winners … we should’ve done it a long time ago.”
Shawn Windsor/Detroit Free Press

This is such a sack of hairballs. If the Tigers had lost that game, this sort of thing would be seen as a sign of a cancer-riddled clubhouse, tempers flaring fruitlessly, all sort of badness. But because they won, it’s a ‘winners’ thing? Please. The one good bit is the fact that Gerald Laird came running to Alex Avila’s defense, because this team really is chock full of kittens, they’re just lil’ fuzzy babies, and SOMEone’s got to look out for them.

at least temporarily saved from the brink of despair

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

With seven losses in a row, we were all set to dive headlong into the murky waters of wretched despondency. But now we have been pulled back from the edge of that briny pond! And it is all (mostly) thanks to Max Scherzer and Gerald Laird.

One of the FSD ‘Keys to the Game’ things (or whatever they are) for Scherzer was “throw a shutout”. I scoffed. Yes, I admit it. It seemed ridiculous. Well, DUH, if he throws a shutout we will be in good shape. Excellent analytical key to the game! You could only apply that to, oh, EVERY PITCHER STARTING A GAME EVER.

Then Max Scherzer went right ahead and threw a zero-run ball for seven innings on a career-high 123 pitches (oy). You got me, FSD! You win this round.

We needed someone to stop the freefall and BEHOLD, Scherzer took it upon himself to do that very thing. This is even more encouraging when you consider his last outing. As we have seen, this Rangers lineup can be a potent force of evil, and seeing a starter shut it down– something that hasn’t really happened since the break, not in Detroit or in Boston– is wicked gratifying.

Now, Paws cannot exist on pitching alone, and the Tigers for once had some production from the bats to go with the arms. Austin Jackson was 3-for-4. A few other cats scattered hits here and there. But the big production came from Gerald Laird, of all cats. G-Money was 2-for-4, and one of those hits was a two-run homer.

Yes. GERALD LAIRD hit a home run.

Sometimes you just have to shrug and laugh. Miguel Cabrera and Magglio Ordonez scrape through the game with a single each while Gerald freakin’ G-Money Laird hits a two-run bomb to put the Tigers on top. WHAT STRANGE PARALLEL UNIVERSE IS THIS? I don’t know, and I don’t really care so long as the parallel-universe game result still counts in the real world.

PS: What in the world is wrong with Papa Grande? He looked wild as a rabid college campus squirrel out there, which is very unlike him. Should I be concerned? DO I NEED TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT THIS?

PPS: Casey Fien is out, Scott Sizemore is in.

PPPS: Minors Moniker Madness is back! I know most of you are saying: wait, what? but it is very simple. MiLB has compiled a list of the best names in minor league baseball right now and is pitting them against each other, bracket-style. You vote. It is hilarious and great. You should go do it.

Personally I am rooting hardest for DALE CORNSTUBBLE and BEAMER WEEMS (one of my all-time favorites), although I do have soft spots for Gift Ngoepe (whom I remember from the WBC) and Diego Seastrunk (I saw him on the Cape back in ’07, and now he plays for the Mahoning Valley Scrappers). But BEAMER WEEMS! I just want to keep saying it over and over again. That’s a good baseball name.

so much happened and the Tigers still lost

photo by Samara Pearlstein

I was at the Royals/Red Sox game and thus didn’t see this one, but I am overwhelmed by what I am seeing after the fact.

–Dontrelle had a 2010!Verlander-esque 107 pitches in 5.1 innings.

–Miguel Cabrera hit THREE freakin’ home runs, two off of Ben Sheets and one off of Andrew Bailey. Three homers. Three! In one game! He spread them out nicely too: one in the first, one in the fourth, and one in the ninth.

Three home runs! He was responsible for every single Tigers RBI in this game, all by his lonesome.

–Both teams were messy early and late. In the middle bits of the game, they both suddenly decided to play like they knew how to play. Weird.

–Gerald Laird changed his uniform number. He went from 8 to 12 (which Lloyd McClendon had been wearing).

“Just changing it up,” Laird said. “That’s all I’m doing. Maybe my luck will change a little bit.”
Jason Beck/

Right now G-Money himself weighs significantly more than his batting average. Awkward. I suppose at that point it’s time for massive changes, anyways…

pug marks, Feb. 23

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

It’s been ages since we last had a pug marks post, hasn’t it? Let’s see if we can manage to pug mark things that aren’t Traitor Damon.

pug mark 1
Carlos Guillen is just fine with a DH role. Which is good, ’cause, uh, it’s what he’s going to be playing. Logic, the composition of the lineup as it stands right now, and Guillen’s baseball-elderly body would all seem to make this an easy decision. It’s only an issue because of an interview Guillen did back in October, where he said things like this:

“I’m not trying to make big trouble,” Guillen said. “I know we’re coming off a tough year. I just want to make everything clear and prepare myself for the next year, because I don’t know what [the Tigers are] going to do.”

“I’m happy with the organization,” Guillen said. “We have great players, great fans. But I think the best way I can help my team is on the field.”
Jason Beck,

Now he’s saying things like this:

“I’m very happy,” Guillen said. “We had a good conversation this morning.”

“I made a mistake,” Leyland said.

That made a point with Guillen.

“I’m happy he understands,” Guillen said.
Jason Beck,

It’s not surprising that Guillen wants to play every day, and it’s not really surprising that he had some trouble imagining himself happy in a reduced role. He is after all a professional baseball player, which means that in his little baseball player heart he believes he is 22 years old and made of adamantium. So it took some time and some pointed front office communication to get this through, but it sounds like everyone got there in the end, and that’s the main thing.

pug mark 2
Our very own Lee of Tiger Tales has done a book! A WHOLE BOOK, YO. It’s called Beyond Batting Average and it has numbers and words and things in it.

It ALSO has drawings in it! Because Lee was concerned that numbers and words might be kind of boring for some people, he wanted inky doodles to break up the tedium, so he asked me if I would terribly mind making some appropriately inky contribution. Of course I agreed, for great baseball justice and moderate lulz. Here’s a preview to whet your appetite:

Lee also did a wee interview about the book with BYB, which can be found right over here.

pug mark 3
The G-Money situation is resolved. For now. He’s pleading no contest to the charges, and in exchange will have to attend anger management classes, which is probably a good thing anyways. Maybe we should have all the Tigers attend with him. You know, to be proactive.

pug mark 4
Relatedly, sort of, Dane Sardinha has been arrested for driving drunk. He’s with the Phillies now, but he was ours just recently, and in light of the Cabrera and G-Money incidents it seemed worth a mention.

I don’t know what, if anything, MLB is doing to address the drinking culture of the players, but it’s starting to look more and more like they need to do SOMETHING. Also, people who drive drunk are the scum of the earth, so if all Tigers can please remember that they make more than enough money to pay for a cab from now on, that would be swell.

pug mark 5
Bobby Seay has been shut down for a few days. He’s got bursitis and tendonitis (read: swollen bits) in his throwing shoulder. The team doesn’t seem to think it’s a huge deal, but they’re taking the Better Safe Than Sorry and Without Bobby Seay When You Need/Want Him approach.

pug mark 6
Some interesting spring visuals, via Roger DeWitt/hueytaxi:

–When did Ramon Santiago get so jacked?
–The Bondo tattoo situation is even worse than we initially thought. The tribal bicep route, Bondo? Really?
–Behold the new svelte Zoom.
Max St. Pierre lives!
–If Phil Coke keeps this look during the season, he’s going to make himself much easier to cartoon. Do it, Phil, do it!
–Magglio’s hair report: still tragically short.
–Ryan Perry really needs to kill the chin strap thing he’s got going on right now.
–One of the first photos of Max Scherzer I’ve seen. Gorgeous, fierce, flawless, etc.

pug mark 7
Oh, fine, one Traitor Damon pug mark. Please take a look at Mr. Dombrowski’s shirt at the ‘Hey we signed this dude for real’ press conference. STRIPED PERFECTION. That shirt is everything my cartoony mind has ever dreamed of for our GM.

Gerald Laird story just keeps getting better (read: worse)

photo by Samara Pearlstein

So, the Australian Open is over (I know, I know, shut up), the Winter X Games are over (I know, I know, shut up); now I can turn my attention to the very important story of WHAT IN THE HELL, GERALD LAIRD, WHAT IS THIS. The original story, in case you’ve somehow blessedly forgotten the embarrassment and wtf-ery of it all, is over here. This weekend, we learned what prompted the fight: Gerald Laird’s grandpa feeling up the wife of one of the Celtics.

For once I am not even kidding.

Police listed Charlsie House – wife of Celtics forward Eddie House, a former star with the Suns and ASU – as an investigative lead in the case, according to the report.

Authorities said House quickly left the arena’s Verve Energy Lounge after accusing the Lairds’ 70-year-old grandfather, who was never cited, of touching her inappropriately.

House said she “did not want any prosecution” and was “reluctant to give any of her information” to officers, according to the report. A bartender told police House claimed she was being harassed prior to the fight.
Michael Ferraresi, Detroit Free Press

Are. You. Serious? Yes. Yes, apparently we are.

1) “Verve Energy Lounge”
2) Gerald Laird’s grandpa feeling up Eddie House’s wife
3) fight
4) brain explodes

The catcher said he felt he was in danger and just trying to “watch the game and have some fun,” according to his statements to police. He also told police the fight involved “some lady inside that was bragging about her husband playing for the Celtics.”

“I don’t know, I didn’t try to hurt anyone or strike anyone,” Laird told one officer. “The next thing I knew, I was in handcuffs.”
Michael Ferraresi, Detroit Free Press

I don’t even know what to do with this story. At this point I am basically just staring mutely at the reports, making AWAY, AWAY WITH THEE gestures with my hands. I feel gross blogging about it, but at the same time, how can I not? Gerald Laird, I blame you for all of these bad feelings. Grandpa Laird, FOR SHAME.

This entire offseason has been like one long public service announcement about the evils of alcohol. Which is all well and good, but I wish it hadn’t come at the expense of various Tigers. DON’T DRINK TO EXCESS, KIDS AND KITTENS, FRIENDS AND FELINES. It never ends well.

that is not how you behave in public, Gerald

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Gerald Laird, I am sorely disappointed. This is behavior that we would frown upon coming from one of the youthful kittens! But you, Gerald, are 30 years old! Old enough to know better! Old enough to know that certain kinds of behavior are not acceptable from anyone– behavior such as, oh, I don’t know, gettin’ unnecessarily rowdy at sporting events, or, say, assaulting security guards.

Security previously contacted the group of men about their loud behavior, Phoenix police Sgt. Andy Hill said. Two of the men were allowed back into the lounge after a conversation with security, but a melee broke out shortly afterwards.

“While (security guards) were trying to arrest the suspect for disorderly conduct, the (Laird brothers) interfered and assaulted the security guards,” Hill said.
Michael Ferraresi, Arizona Republic, via

Thank cats it sounds like no one was seriously injured, so we may fully concentrate on how ridiculous and stupid this is. Of course we don’t have any details and so we do not know if ‘assaulted’ means something like ‘punched in the face’, or if it means something more like ‘threw a full cup of soda’, but still. You were at a PHOENIX SUNS GAME, Gerald. Honestly. Settle the heck down.

There is really nothing good that can come of this. I suppose perhaps it can serve as a lesson for the young’uns on the team– DO NOT DO AS GERALD HAS DONE, BEHOLD ITS UTTER STUPIDITY– but beyond that, mmm, nope, pretty much unrelentingly bad. I would not have expected this from G-Money, of all cats. Truly my Disappointment is keen and strong.

mysteries of the Detroit infield

digillustration by Samara Pearlstein

So the Phillies have signed Placido Polanco to a 3 year deal (option for a 4th year, when he will be 38 years old). To play third base.

You can take a moment to revel in the sheer WHAT of that, but when you’re done I think we need to talk about WHAT IN THE HOLY CATS ARE THE TIGERS GOING TO DO WITH THEIR INFIELD IN 2010?!


The Tigers were rumored to be ‘shopping’, or at least open to potentially trading Gerald Laird, I guess because he’s probably going to make at least $3 million next year? OK. I don’t even want to think about this. He’s going to be 30 years old for the entire 2010 season, he hasn’t been unusually injury prone or anything (what, some small back spasms that didn’t land him on the DL?), he’s a great defensive catcher who gets insufficient credit for that because his bat was weak as hell this season.

No, he isn’t Joe Mauer, but you know what, we aren’t going to get Joe Mauer. JOE MAUER: NOT OURS. This is a Fact of Life, I have accepted it, I have digested it, I am over it. Yadier Molina: not ours. Also not ours: Pudge circa 2004, Bill Freehan circa 1974.

Could we find a catcher who would come cheaper than Gerald Laird? Yes, of freaking course we could, we could spend the season with a cheapity-cheap-cheap combination of Dusty Ryan and Alex Avila’s 5 o’clock shadow, and maybe they would sometimes hit, and maybe they would make some good throws on occasion or whatever, but they would not be as good defensively as Gerald Laird and they’re just children so they would not be as big a help with our pathetic pitching staff, which has issues, you know that it does, we love it anyways but our love is not enough to heal it.


(Don’t even bring up Brandon Inge. Don’t even. You don’t want to go there with me.)

First base

As of right now, Miguel Cabrera is our 2010 first baseman, but he too has been at the heart of a number of trade rumors this winter. This is because

a) he has an enormous contract ($20 million next year, then $106 million from 2011-2015. That is a lot of millions) and the Tigers, as they keep telling us over and over and OVER again, are trying to do something to reduce their payroll,

b) he was pretty much the only Tiger from ’09 to hit with something approaching consistency (good consistency, not, you know, consistently failing to get hits) and as such is one of the few Tigers who can be said to have real trade value without people laughing at us,

c) he got all mutually combative with his wife and she threw him out of the house because he came home drunk after partying with Wrong Sox players when he had potentially division-clinching games to play in the next two days and the police got involved and Dave Dombrowski had to pick him up from the police station really early in the morning, at which point Cabrera’s blood alcohol level was still quite elevated, and I’m sure none of this made Mr. Dombrowski real pleased with him,

d) and also because Lynn Henning likes trading away the entire team.

But let’s face it, Miggy is going to be 27 next year. He’s entering his prime. We just got him all nice and broken-in at first base. It’s going to be difficult to find someone else willing to take on his contract, and even if that happens, the Tigers will need to be offered something truly out-of-this-litter-box spectacular to make it so. It is unlikely to be made so. So, uh, there.

Third base

It will be Brandon Inge. He’s due $6.6 million in 2010 and he just had surgery on both knees at once. He is such an untradeable commodity that we can’t even call him a commodity, he’s just, like, THERE. Not that I consider this a bad thing, because I love Brandon Inge and eagerly await his 2010 resurgence, fueled entirely by hustle and determination and sugar-laden gum and bionic knees.

Look, you know that Detroit wants Inge to do well next year, he is the longest-tenured Tiger and it would be a good story, and there isn’t really much of anyone else to back him up. If you think they DIDN’T pump his knees full of self-repairing nanobots while they had the chance, well, I would just have to question your obvious baseball naïvité.

Second base

Scott Sizemore is allegedly the cat for the job. He is a few months older than me, he went to Brandon Inge’s college, he split last year between double-A and triple-A, hitting moderately well at both levels. He broke his ankle in the Arizona Fall League and has been recovering ever since. Allegedly it’s healing well and he hopes to be up to speed by the end of Spring Training.

He has not had a single at-bat at the Major League level and the Tigers are willing to entrust second base to him. I know it worked out OK for FredFred and it worked out… kind of horribly, actually, for Jeremy Bonderman, but that wasn’t immediately evident– anyways the point is that I’m not so sure this is a good idea for a position player.

I don’t know! I’m not a Scott Sizemore expert. Presumably the front office cats who are familiar with him have reasons for believing that this is a doable thing. I just worry. It’s what I do. If Sizemore’s ankle doesn’t end up being ready, or if he isn’t as competent as hoped right away, I’m not sure what the Tigers do. Is there a viable backup plan? (Just lie to me and say yes.)



Try to get Adam Everett back after not offering him arbitration? Try to pick up some scrub and pair him up with Ramon Santiago all season long? Try to work a trade for someone random I can’t think of right now? Or dip into the unimpressive free agent pool?

Which would mean… go with someone old? I think all the free agent shortstops this winter are old. Like, over 30. Craig Counsell will be 39 years old, can he still walk? (Aside: I have a cactus named Craig Counsell. True story. He needs to be re-potted but I keep putting it off because it’s hard to re-pot a cactus.) Orlando Cabrera is 35 and I am pretty sure he’s a Type A guy. Bobby Crosby will only be 30 but he’s so injury-prone that his body is more like 78. The Red Sox probably just signed Marco Scutaro.

Shortstop is a huge, gaping hole for the Tigers right now. Combine that with the uncertainty about second base, and the possibility of (Paws forbid) Inge getting hurt again or something, and we are looking at a very unhappy situation with a lot of Tiger fan tears in the coming season.

Seriously, what are we doing for a shortstop? We aren’t really considering Ramon Santiago full time, right? Please, someone tell me that they have an idea that does not involve Ramon Santiago full time. Please.