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the latest in RotT BlogNews

Just a couple of things Roar of the Tigers had been up to lately out there in the vast reaches of the Internet.

Thing the First:

Old Time Family Baseball has been running a blogathon. He blogged for 24 hours straight yesterday, and today has turned the site over to a series of guest posts so he can get some sleep.

The point? To fill the Tumblrs with all manner of baseball facts, fictions, weirdnesses and wonders. Also, to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, a cause arguably more important than, say, love poems about Vin Scully. If you haven’t already, you should totally go give them some money.

I will have a guest post going live there at some point today. The image up top is a little preview. You can keep an eye on OTFB, or just wait until I see it post and update this post with a direct link, but either way, seriously– go help make this baseball blogathon a thing of success and beauty.

ETA: Here’s the post! Go look, go donate!

Thing the Second:

The Society for American Baseball Research (which most of you may know as SABR) has an ongoing Baseball Biography Project. A while back, one of their biographers got in touch with me because of an image he had seen on this very website. He liked it so much, for some unspeakably deranged reason, that he wanted to use it for the SABR profile of that player.

And now the Roar of the Tigers touch shall forever be upon the history of LimaTime.

Paws help us all.

eta: Thing the Third:

Joel Zumaya has signed a deal with the Twinkies. As Jason Beck correctly points out, Target Field was where he threw the pitch that broke his arm and murdered his Tigers career once and for all. Fun memories, I’m sure!

Given the amount of time and hope the Tigers invested in him, it would be difficult to see Zoom come back 100%, or even 90%, with Minnesota. But we should remember that Zoom staying healthy for a full season now is about as likely as the life of a mayfly is long.

ignoring the HR Derby’s problems with cartoons

Here is what is wrong with the Home Run Derby: David Ortiz wins it (not wrong), he comes up to present the giant check to the Boys and Girls Club or whatever (not wrong), he has his tiny son with him (not wrong). He holds up the trophy with the giant bats (appropriate for Big Papi), and in the temporary crowd silence he DEDICATES HIS VICTORY TO JOSE LIMA WITH A SHORT BUT HEARTFELT SPEECH. Tears begin to well up in my stony blogger eyes.

And Erin Andrews, who is standing next to him with the mic, says, “That’s nice, Papi,” in a bored tone and moves on.

Ugggggggggh I listened to HOURS of Joe Morgan and Chris Berman’s idiocy and Bobby Valentine’s sleeping potion voice, I listened to ARod panting after Mark Teixeira, I had to watch Nick ‘The Worst Human Being’ Swisher on my tv screen, and after all that I was rewarded by watching David Ortiz, whom I adore, ruin his home run swing for the rest of the season, and after all of THAT I had to watch his touching tribute to Jose Lima get shot down by ESPN. I HATE EVERYTHING INVOLVED IN THIS.

I mostly stopped paying attention once Miguel Cabrera was eliminated anyways. So this was really a waste of time in all ways. Here, have Tigers Star Trek for no good reason except one of you asked for it. Click for bigger.

The concerned redshirt is Don Kelly, because let’s be honest, we all know who is expendable here.

Jose Lima, 9/30/1972 – 5/23/2010

Jose Lima was animated. He was loud, unmissable, a presence on the mound and off of it. He was completely bonkers and didn’t particularly care who knew it.

Jose Lima was never as good with the Tigers as he was in the National League. But he was always good for a dance, often on the mound, and if there was ever a need for a pitcher to sing, Lima was there. He spoke his mind, for good or ill. He declared his pitching outings to be Lima Time, to the delight of fans following his team and the irritation of fans following his opponents. He drove his catchers bonkers, but then they could hardly keep from laughing too (as Brandon Inge can attest).

Jose Lima played almost 5 seasons with the Tigers. He was sometimes exasperating, almost always entertaining. He was 37 years old.