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When it rains, it pours. Roars? No, pours (sadly).

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Nineteen inning games that go on for hours and hours and hours and end in tragedy? Multiple players hitting the DL at once? Verlander’s shoulder getting so sore that he has to jam his tender limb-bits into an MRI? Getting bumped from the top spot in the division by Kansas City, of all teams? Losing, and losing, and losing some more?

Apocalyptic rainstorms that dump so much water on the Metro Detroit area that basements are soaked and roads are flooded and all cats are sodden and sad?

Truly these are unpleasant times.

If you’re in the flood zones, stay safe, watch out for mold, and I hope your damage was not too great. If you’re in Toledo, I hope you’ve recovered from your own water-based drama, and have laid in a store of bottled water to last you a month. If you’re a member of the Detroit Tigers… please stop the deluge.

Happy International Tiger Day!

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Did you know that July 29 is International Tiger Day? I did not, but it totally is. Click for bigger, enjoy some fine tigers on this day, and let’s see if we can get a win for all things P. tigris.


illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Happy 4th of July weekend from Captain Paws, Brad ‘Bucky’ Ausmus, and Roar of the Tigers!

In search of a fifth starter.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Who’s it going to be? If the Tigers decide to keep their wandering eyes at home, that coveted final spot in the rotation will have to go to one of the following:

Drew Smyly
Pro: The very thought of him should make everyone happy.
Con: Only one season of minor league service under his belt thus far.

Duane Below
Pro: Most pun-able name, a boon for headline-writers throughout the Tigersphere.
Con: Potential hellish pun onslaught.

Andy Oliver
Pro: Has some big league experience, won’t be freaked out by Comerica or naked postgame hugs from Papa Grande.
Con: Big league experience was not that confidence-inducing.

Pro: Really tall, great downward motion on the mound.
Con: Lack of flexibility, pretty poor pick-off move.

Don Kelly
Pro: Can catch for his own relievers if necessary.
Con: May not be sufficiently stretched out to start.

Let the final run up to Fifth Starter Decision 2012 commence!

Happy Father’s Day from Roar of the Tigers!

On the left is Paws’ father. On the right is the RotT father.

Is it any wonder I ended up a Tigers blogger? Apparently Paws is my cousin.

Happy Father’s Day to all those for whom the holiday applies– even the ones without mustaches.

Granderson back in town and the Pawsfather

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

Ugh, this stupid game.

–So Curtis Granderson came back to Comerica. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think I heard his name announced over the PA system for his first at-bat… as a result, there was almost no reaction from the crowd. Perhaps some light cheering, but no ovation, no booing, no loud acknowledgment either way. I was kind of disappointed, as I’d been hoping he would get a big Detroit cheer. I would’ve cheered him.

Grandy went 0-for-3 with two walks in his return. He scored a run. He also overslid the bag and was therefore caught stealing in the 9th inning. Very weird, unGrandyish game, really.

–Verlander threw an insane number of pitches. His outing, so far this season, was second only to a 130 pitch game thrown by Roy Halladay earlier in the year. You think, oh, well, ok, if we’re talking about Verlander and Halladay in the same breath, it has to be a positive thing. YOUR THOUGHTS ARE WRONG. The difference is that 130 pitches carried Halladay through 8.2 innings, while 127 got Verlander through 6.

Now, I’m not saying Justin has to be Roy Halladay every time he goes out there. But if we’re going to be talking about 125+ pitches as a good thing… Roy Halladay or bust, ok? Verlander is already throwing more pitches than anybody else in MLB; if that’s the way it’s gonna be, I at least want that stupid profusion of pitches to be used EFFICIENTLY, and not just wasted in walks to freakin’ Jorge Posada.

–Alex Avila was a bright spot. He threw out two baserunners (Granderson and Jeter) and hit two home runs all by his own self. Both homers went to almost the exact same spot in the bullpen, and both were big enough to be beyond all doubt. (He also had an ugly passed ball that resulted in a run, and may have been partially [but definitely not wholly] Jose Valverde’s fault, but let’s ignore that for the moment.)

You hit two home runs in one game, you get a cartoon.

–Miguel Cabrera was 3-for-4 with an RBI. None of those hits went for extra bases, but I am still starting to worry that the more he does this, and the more the rest of the lineup proves its futility (despite temporary exceptions like Avila’s power surge, or the random fact that Ramon Santiago has Bartolo Colon’s number), he’s never going to see another pitch again.

–Speaking of, I am pretty sure that Ramon Santiago has compromising photos of Bartolo Colon, a large ruminant mammal, and a tub of peanut butter. He is 11-for-20 against Colon. That’s a .550 batting average. There is no other explanation.

–Will Rhymes has been sent down to Toledo. Scott Sizemore has been called up. Sizemore had been hitting over .400 for the Mud Hens, with extra base hits galore. Triple A is not the big leagues etc etc, but since poor Will was hitting .221 with an OPS of .556, the hope is that even a Sizemore being cut back down to size will manage more production than that.

–Thursday is Paws’ Sweet 16 Birthday Party at the ballpark. As part of the celebration, a bunch of his ‘mascot friends’ will be in the house, including his father. Yeah. PAWS HAS A FATHER.

No word on the big cat’s name, or where his mother may be, but the following photo is courtesy of the Tigers and will help prepare you for the glory:

Look at his dad-stache! His straw hat! The slightly disturbing fact that he gets shorts while Paws still has to go pantsless! HIS DAD-STACHE!

If there is no Paws mom, I vote we hook Mr. Dad Paws up with Phoebe Phanatic, the Philly Phanatic’s mother. She shows up fairly often, but there appears to be no Phanatic Phather, so this seems like it could be a match made in mascot heaven.

Happy Halloween from Roar of the Tigers!

Happy Halloween, kids and kittens! Remember to match your costume to the ambient air temperature, don’t eat any candy that you receive unwrapped, load up on the hand sanitizer when dealing with the grubby hands of small children, and don’t dress up as Joel Zumaya or you won’t survive the night.

Anyone dressing up as a Tiger this year (not Zoom)? If you don’t have a jersey or team shirt and need a last minute costume, you could just wear a striped polo and go as Dave Dombrowski. And then of course there’s always Paws…

Paws, man, you’re blowin’ my mind.

In Curtis Granderson is perfect news, everyone’s favorite centerfieldin’ Tiger won this year’s Marvin Miller Man of the Year award, as voted by his fellow ballplayers. Obviously all of us over here know that Curtis Granderson is the Man of Every Year, but it is nice to see that Curtis Granderson’s perfection is recognized all over the league.

He also recently made a Detroit magazine’s Best Dressed list, the only athlete to do so. I feel this may be unfair, though. It’s not that Curtis Granderson has such good taste (although of course his taste is impeccable), it’s more that anything he wears is going to look amazing the instant he puts it on, because he is Curtis Granderson and he is perfect. Hard for mere mortals to compete with that, you know?

Rick Porcello and Ryan Perry in the arms of Paws

Sketchbook. That’s what you get on offdays.

Winter holiday greetings from Paws and Roar of the Tigers!

Because, let’s be honest, Paws is clearly all things to all people, and NATURALLY he would want this season to be celebrated by everyone.


Paws wishes you a Happy Chanukah…

…a Merry Christmas…

…a Happy Kwanzaa…

…a somewhat belated but still Happy Eid al-Adha…

…a Happy Winter Solstice/Yule…

…and a Happy Secular Snowfest for the atheists, agnostics, et al. :)

As per usual, all these can be clicked for bigger, and all illustrations are by Samara Pearlstein, yer obligin’ blogger. Have a Wicked Awesome Whatever Makes You Happiest, Tigers fans! Maybe someone can convince Mr. Dombrowski to give us a viable bullpen for the holidays…

the Tigers may have been bad, but at least they're not the Lions

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Take comfort in that simple fact. Even the 2003 Tigers won SOME games, and they had fairly solid minor league development to fall back on. Of course there’s no equivalent to the minor leagues for the NFL, but the Lions’ history with high draft picks should assure you that, even if there WAS such a system, the Lions would fill it with utter fail. Anyways, my photos from the Thanksgiving Day Lions game are up over here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

In actual Tigers news:

Freddy Garcia’s shoulder says ‘ow’. His shoulder has said ‘ow’ before, to the point of requiring surgery on his labrum and rotator cuff, so while this could have just been run-of-the-mill soreness, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was a continuation of past ills. Not that I was really counting on him for next season or anything, but it’s worth noting (I guess).

The Tigers are talking about Alex Cora? Uhhhhh. As a platoon with Santiago, I guess this is… not great, but not bad enough to make me want to stick my head in the oven. We would essentially be giving up all hope of making an offensive impact at the shortstop position, though. Are we really at that point of defeat? I was hoping not, but if they’re seriously considering this move…

That article also makes mention of the Jack Wilson rumors that have been dogging my sanity for, like, months. STOP IT ALREADY JEEZ.

The Tigers don’t want Julio Lugo anymore. I suppose this accounts for the Cora prattle. If we don’t want one Red Sox shortstop cast-off, we must want the other! IT IS ONLY LOGICAL. I will be happy if this is actually the case, because Julio Lugo was at no point something the Tigers should actually want if they want to give this whole ‘being good at baseball’ schtick a shot in ’09.

Casper Wells: he throws sausage. 100% of FACT.

Tigers’ charity self-congratulatory wankfest. Or heart-warming summary of the Tigers’ contributions to ‘Baseball’s Giving Spirit’, depending on your level of cynicism. Either way, click the link just to see the photo of Nate Robertson with his readin’ glasses on, all readin’ for the childrens.

Also, can someone explain to me why MLB articles tend to refer to our mascot as PAWS, in all caps? Why can’t he just be a normal guy with a normally capitalized proper noun kinda name? If it’s a branding thing I’m going to roll my eyes so hard they’ll probably fall out of my head.

If, however, it’s because you’re always supposed to read his name like you’re screaming it… well, I might be OK with that.