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picking up Max Scherzer

image by Samara Pearlstein

Max, dahling, so good to see you again! How are you? My goodness, what a foolish question! We can clearly see that you’re simply fabulous at the moment. Don’t mind us, we’re just so very flustered by your presence. But can you blame us, rully? Such devilish good looks, such roguishly good pitching! The strikeouts! Truly, my dear, you do spoil us so!

Sixteen strikeouts and three walks in the past fifteen innings? Maxwell! Gracious, someone bring us our smelling salts.

We’ve no desire to be… you know… presumptuous. But you’ve just been too much lately. A fanbase can only be expected to restrain itself for so long. Now we’ve got to ask. Dearest Maxums, you simply must date us. Would you consider it? Could you find it in your heart? (Which we know, of course, to be pure and good.) All of us Tigers fans.

You are just too dreamy. We mean, with the eyes and the Ks and the winning and whatnot. By Paws! We know, it seems so sudden, but darling, you must have seen it coming. You’ve seen the t-shirts worn around Comerica. Not all those 37s are leftover Kenny Rogers shirts, you know.

It’s been a rocky basepath, of course. You had to go down to Toledo. And that’s Ohio, yes pet, we know, we’re so very sorry, but you went like the wonderful teammate we know you are, and when you came back you just decided that you were going to strike out everyone else in the league and be super effective and, well, that’s been working out just lovely. We find that very attractive in a pitcher, yes indeed we do.

So what do you say, dear Maxie? Do let it be yes. We can all go out to dinner together and sup on the finest foods Mexicantown or Greektown has to offer. Or we’ll all go down to Slows BBQ together and eat delicious meats and the mac’n’cheese that is so good it will make your tongue sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame, dahling, and then we can frolic down Michigan Ave together, all of us holding hands, and we’ll watch the sun set over the skeletal remains of Tiger Stadium, and we can all reflect on the grandeur of Detroit, the fragility and toughness intertwined, the duality of the city reflected in your very own heterochromatic eyes.

And then we will all make out.

Basically we’re soulmates, Maxkittens. You’re meant to be with us. Don’t you agree? Yes. Beautiful.

(Keep pitching like this, or we’ll totally dump you for Justin Verlander, even though he’s all bloated with pitch counts. We’re fickle like that. But let us not speak of such things, and enjoy this while it lasts, hmm? Splendid.)

The Roar of the Tigers series: Game 2

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Just David Ortiz doing what David Ortiz does. Nothin’ you can do about that.

–Jeff Frazier got his first big league hit! For some bizarre reason as soon as I heard he would be making his debut in Boston I got all my little hopes up about seeing his first hit, so that was a definite highlight. Ryan Kalish also got his first big league hit in this one. ~A game of beautiful firsts~

–Max Scherzer was not bad at all, even though some of his pitches were looking weirdly high-effort partway through the game. He also had some odd throws to first where he would make the first move aggressively, then sort of stop himself and lob a soft floater over to Cabrera. I’m sure there was some good reason for this, but I didn’t like it.

In any event, brutal for poor Max to go 6.1, give up only one run (which was an inherited runner that he didn’t even bring home himself!), leave with a fair lead, and not get the win.

–Aside from the usual Verlanders and Cabreras and even still Grandersons (and, yes, Inges), some other Tiger jerseys I saw in Fenway Saturday: two Kirk Gibsons, a Ramon Santiago, and a Phil Coke (!!). There was also a lady in the front row right near the Tigers dugout who stood up to applaud guys almost every time they were coming back in, and she had on an Austin Jackson shirt. RotT approves.

–Why does Kevin Youkilis ALWAYS get hit when he’s batting against the Tigers? He got plunked on Saturday, he was hit on Friday… and of course there was this

Lee of Tiger Tales was there. I took a photo of him with the Spazzosaurus, which of course you will be seeing eventually.

–The Miguel Cabrera home run in the first was beyond massive. I haven’t seen the distance anywhere, but judging from how it looked in the park, I would conservatively put it at 700 feet. It prompted a lot of discussion around us (among Red Sox fans!) about how Miggy might well be the best hitter in baseball right now.

In fact, when he was intentionally walked later in the game, a little kid sitting behind us asked his dad/uncle/grandpa/older brother/male-guardian-figure why the Sox were doing that. The older guy explained that it was because Miggy had “the best swing in the Majors” and the Red Sox “just don’t want to mess around with that”.

–I saw a Red Sox fan and a Tigers fan have a long, earnest discussion of some sort in the aisle between innings. Notable only because they looked so very serious and very intense, and the Detroit fan was wearing fuzzy tiger ears.

–Did Fox show the mourning dove on the field? We were really enjoying it. I do have photos of its epic stroll around the infield.

–This is the 4th David Ortiz walkoff game I have seen in person (not Red Sox overall… just David Ortiz). I saw two in 2006 (a three-run homer vs. Texas, an RBI single in extras vs. Philly) and one in 2005 (a three-run homer vs. Baltimore). The ’05 game was the first walkoff I had ever seen in person.

–After the game, we were walking out of the park, heading towards Boylston St. This guy was walking next to us. Jeans, white tshirt, no hat. I glanced at him and thought, Hmm, that guy looks familiar. I looked again and thought, Boy, that guy has, like, no chin. I wonder if he’s related to Carlos Guillen? Then I looked again and realized it WAS Carlos Guillen. Just walkin’ out of Fenway, moving freely among thousands of Red Sox fans.

Good news: he was bookin’ it somewhere, basically going as fast as he possibly could without breaking into a run or looking psychotic. So I reckon his leg is feeling just fine by now.

–Verlander/Buchholz in a few hours! EeeeeeEEEEeeeeEEEeeEEEEeeeeeeee and other excited high-pitched dolphin noises!

at least temporarily saved from the brink of despair

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

With seven losses in a row, we were all set to dive headlong into the murky waters of wretched despondency. But now we have been pulled back from the edge of that briny pond! And it is all (mostly) thanks to Max Scherzer and Gerald Laird.

One of the FSD ‘Keys to the Game’ things (or whatever they are) for Scherzer was “throw a shutout”. I scoffed. Yes, I admit it. It seemed ridiculous. Well, DUH, if he throws a shutout we will be in good shape. Excellent analytical key to the game! You could only apply that to, oh, EVERY PITCHER STARTING A GAME EVER.

Then Max Scherzer went right ahead and threw a zero-run ball for seven innings on a career-high 123 pitches (oy). You got me, FSD! You win this round.

We needed someone to stop the freefall and BEHOLD, Scherzer took it upon himself to do that very thing. This is even more encouraging when you consider his last outing. As we have seen, this Rangers lineup can be a potent force of evil, and seeing a starter shut it down– something that hasn’t really happened since the break, not in Detroit or in Boston– is wicked gratifying.

Now, Paws cannot exist on pitching alone, and the Tigers for once had some production from the bats to go with the arms. Austin Jackson was 3-for-4. A few other cats scattered hits here and there. But the big production came from Gerald Laird, of all cats. G-Money was 2-for-4, and one of those hits was a two-run homer.

Yes. GERALD LAIRD hit a home run.

Sometimes you just have to shrug and laugh. Miguel Cabrera and Magglio Ordonez scrape through the game with a single each while Gerald freakin’ G-Money Laird hits a two-run bomb to put the Tigers on top. WHAT STRANGE PARALLEL UNIVERSE IS THIS? I don’t know, and I don’t really care so long as the parallel-universe game result still counts in the real world.

PS: What in the world is wrong with Papa Grande? He looked wild as a rabid college campus squirrel out there, which is very unlike him. Should I be concerned? DO I NEED TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT THIS?

PPS: Casey Fien is out, Scott Sizemore is in.

PPPS: Minors Moniker Madness is back! I know most of you are saying: wait, what? but it is very simple. MiLB has compiled a list of the best names in minor league baseball right now and is pitting them against each other, bracket-style. You vote. It is hilarious and great. You should go do it.

Personally I am rooting hardest for DALE CORNSTUBBLE and BEAMER WEEMS (one of my all-time favorites), although I do have soft spots for Gift Ngoepe (whom I remember from the WBC) and Diego Seastrunk (I saw him on the Cape back in ’07, and now he plays for the Mahoning Valley Scrappers). But BEAMER WEEMS! I just want to keep saying it over and over again. That’s a good baseball name.

Welcome to the other side of the break. It is cold and bleak here.

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Oh Max. What happened? I mean, on a basic level we all know what happened: four runs, five walks, and 109 pitches in just five innings. The Tigers managed to scrape up seven total hits off of Cleveland. They lost, obviously. But what went wrong here?

Rod and Mario were saying, during the game, that they thought the long break might have messed with Scherzer. He had 9 days off between starts, and even if he did some sort of practice throwing somewhere in there, I’m sure it was not anything close to the physical and mental workout of a proper big league start. It is possible that Scherzer is just a creature of habit (as many pitchers are) and taking him out of his five-day-rotation routine didn’t sit well with him. It’s possible that the break threw him off physically, and he just never felt quite right out there, because he was stiff, or off-rhythm, or whatever.

I’m not so sure about that. It’s too… easy. Personally I think there is another explanation.

Max Scherzer is an intelligent guy. He is sensitive to nuances and layered meanings. He, unlike many baseball players, is capable of understanding things like ‘symbols’ and ‘history’ and ‘connotation’. So, you see, he is aware of the awfulness of the Racist Logos. He simply cannot pitch properly against them, because he is too distracted and sickened by Chief Wahoo.

Consider! This was his second start against Cleveland in 2010. In the first game, he gave up five runs in five innings, on 105 pitches. He walked four and threw a wild pitch. This is not an attractive outing, and it is EERILY SIMILAR to the one he had today. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

I don’t blame him, of course. The Racist Logos are a bad thing, and it is totally understandable for Scherzer to be so disturbed by them. Who wouldn’t be? Cretins and people from Cleveland (this may or may not be the same thing).

Oh, and the All Star game fear brigade may be interested to see that Miguel Cabrera went 1-for-3 in his first game after the break. The one hit was a single. Miggy had an RBI, a strikeout, and a walk. Definitely NOT panic material. Deep breaths, deeps breaths.

That said, if he doesn’t hit a home run in the next few games, obviously all is ruined.

Saturday is a day-night doubleheader, making up for past wateriness. Justin has the first game, and FREDFRED IS BACK UP to pitch the night game. I probably won’t be able to watch it, so you lot had better keep a close eye on him. It’s for his own good!

Max Scherzer’s Terrifying K Army

photo illustration thing by Samara Pearlstein

Blue Ks on the right! Brown Ks on the left! And in the middle– TOTAL SCHERZERIFICATION.

Six strikeouts in seven innings is far from his season high (I was totally going to reuse that cartoon tonight before I had one last burst of not-too-tiredness), but it is still respectable, and Max was so good through the first 6 innings that he deserves every last bit of his creepy K army picture. Through six he had given up two singles, a triple, and one walk. That was IT. Nobody had scored on him, not even the triple. RESPECT.

He’s started 8 games now since he came back from the temporary Toledo demotion. In that time he’s averaged around 10 Ks per 9 innings pitched. In that time he’s had one bad game (he gave up 5 runs in 5 innings in KC), two mediocre games (3 earned runs each in 7.1 and 6 inning starts respectively), and five really bloody good games (in 33.1 innings, he gave up 3 earned runs).

SEE, FREDFRED? Toledo is soothing and magical. Let it work its magic on you.

Miggy was 2-for-3, and so was Inge. Inge had the extra-base hit, though. Wicked.

After Scherzer, it was all about the Firsts. Robbie Weinhardt came on in relief of Scherzer for his big league debut. He wasn’t perfect– he gave up a hit and a run– but he wasn’t horrific either. The runner came around to score on the next reliever’s watch anyways, so it wasn’t even really all his fault.

Phil Coke got his very first save as a Tiger.

Danny Worth got his very first big league home run! It was a solo shot in the third inning, off of Brad Bergesen, who, yes, is an Oriole, but it was still a legit home run, ok, back off.

Now here’s the deal.

Today (Thursday) is an offday. I won’t be around much this weekend because I will be bumming about on the Cape. And then it’s the All Star break, which means a midseason report card and whatever the heck else I feel like posting. That’s still a longish break before an MLB-imposed break, so to make it up to you, I’m giving you the chance to


Very simple. I have a list of things I want to cartoon while I’m on the Cape (Carlos ‘Guillentine’, Danny Worth’s first HR, Brennan Boesch hitting lasers, etc). Why do you want on there? Speak. Maybe I will draw it.

Tigers win, Toledo takes Ni, and other such tales.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein (click for bigger)

I realize that I am a little late on the ‘Fu-Te Ni is sent to Toledo’ news, but it’s because that news upset me so much and I needed some time to deal with it on my own. I know that his ERA in the month of June is, like, 20.00. Do you think that matters to me? No, it does not, because my love for Fu-Te Ni is beautiful and pure and untainted by things like a logical consideration of his pitching statistics.

Anyways, he’s in Toledo now, hanging out with Rick Porcello and his companion donkey Ryan Perry. Daniel Schlereth was called up to take his place. I was hoping Schlereth would pitch tonight, because it’s doubtful I’ll see much baseball over the holiday weekend, but no such luck. So right now Fu-Te Ni has been replaced by A YAWNING VOID for all I know, which does not, of course, do anything to ease my pain.

Damn you, Muddy. Damn you.

–Max Scherzer pitched really well tonight. Like, really, really well. The definition of ‘really well’ that includes eight innings of one-run ball. I will admit that when he was over 100 pitches after the 7th, and Leyland sent him out to pitch the 8th, I almost ripped my own teeth out in frustration. WHY DO YOU DO THIS JIM WHY WHY WHY. Scherzer got out of the inning unscathed (easily, even) and made Leyland look smart, but I still hate it.

–Further ruminations on Max Scherzer’s super powers: with the blue eye Max Scherzer gazes into the future, with the brown eye he sees into the past. Where the two fields of vision overlap, he sees the present, but in extra dimensions. This is how he can tell that Joe Mauer is an evil robot.

–Brennan Boesch is a beast, a machine, a beaschine. A beaschine who is apparently trying to grow a beard right now. This is either an attempt to look older or an attempt to compete with the Verlander/Avila BeardMasters. Both are losing battles.

–Miguel Cabrera spent the night on the bench because his back was tight/stiff/sore. This could have been dire news indeed for the lineup, but the bats managed to do sufficient damage to keep his absence from being too keenly felt. Of course it helped that these are the Mariners, and neither Cliff Lee nor King Felix was pitching in the game. Miggy is the always aggravating ‘day-to-day’.

–They aren’t making Brandon League wear the full sleeves to cover his arms anymore?

Brandon Inge, ladies and gentlecats. Professional athlete, public figure, role model.

–While I’m at it, here’s Fu-Te Ni in a charity fashion show. Do I adore it? Is Paws mostly orange?

–Our old friend and fellow lover of a good brawl, Kirk Gibson, is now managing the Arizona Diamondbacks, after they fired everyone else. Gibby, managing the team. I KNOW. If they don’t start winning games, he’s going to start breaking legs over there.

–I finally got all the photos from that Tigers/Mets game on the magical internets. They can be found right over here, if you’re interested. Lots of photos. Lots. Many.

Porcello goes down, Scherzer picks himself up

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Bullet points because the blogger should have been asleep hours ago.

–Our little FredFred has been sent to Toledo to work out his Issues. Now… we can’t really deny that he HAS been struggling. And he’s just a kitten still. This is only his second season in the big leagues, he’s only 21 years old, and he only spent one year at single-A before coming up. He’s actually never played for the ‘Hens before. The idea is that he can work through the Issues in Toledo, taking as much time as he needs, and it won’t be as big a deal because his mistakes and angst won’t impact the big league record directly.

I know this did just work out quite well for Max Scherzer recently, but Scherzer is older in both baseball and number-of-years-alive terms and is thus a little better suited to handle it. I have to admit that when I first heard that Porcello had been sent down, my initial reaction was one of panic. Not so much WAT ARE THE TIGERS GONNA DO FOR A STARTER, more THIS IS GONNA MESS WITH HIS HEAD AND DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA FREDFRED SADFACE.

Then I realized… wait. Ryan Perry is coming off the DL very soon. He will need rehab work in the minors. Maybe (probably?) Toledo. And if FredFred has his BFF there with him, I think he’ll be much more able to handle the perceived indignity of being sent down in the way that he was. I feel very certain about this. I believe in the bromance.

–Max Scherzer’s start against Arizona was crazycats. He threw so many pitches in the first inning, I was convinced he was going to have to be pulled in the 4th, and the score would be a million to one and all would be sadness, all would be woe.

Instead he somehow got himself under control, stayed in the game for 7 innings, struck out 8 and allowed only one run. He ‘only’ threw 118 pitches. Yes, that is a number that would get me foaming at the mouth if we were talking about Justin Verlander, but given the fact that Scherzer used, like, three innings-worth of pitches just to get through the first, I am instead impressed that he managed to get through 7 with that total.

Thank cats the offense picked him up. For that sort of effort, he SO deserved a win.

–Austin Jackson came on defensively in the 9th. This is a good sign. All other things being equal, he should (should) be back starting on Tuesday, or very shortly thereafter.

–Jose Valverde and Miguel Montero are feuding and I love it. I LOVE IT.

On Friday, The Big Potato got the save. It only took him a few pitches to set down the final three batters. He got demonstrative, as he does. There was some hopping around, some fist-pumping, you know, nothing out of the ordinary for him. But Miguel Montero (who was struck out in that inning) did not appreciate the enthusiasm.

“He’s a (bleeping) (bleep),” Montero told the Arizona Republic. “The way he acts, it’s not right, you know” You’ve got to be professional. I’ve always felt that way. And I’ve always told him. That’s the way he is. I guess he thinks it’s right. But I don’t care.”

Montero was hoping Valverde saw his comments.

“You can write it down,” Montero said. “I hope he reads it. It’s all right. We’ll face him down the road at some point, and I guess I’m going to pimp it.”

Montero added he was surprised Valverde threw three consecutive splitters to get Montero out.

“I never suspected that,” said Montero, who hit a homer in Saturday’s 6-5 victory over the Tigers. “I didn’t think he had that kind of brain to throw three splits in a row. It surprised me.”
Ted Kulfan/Detroit News

Miguel Montero, buddy, don’t take it so personal. He has done this every time he’s gotten a save, or someone makes a good catch for him, or every time he gets a nice K. IT’S WHAT HE DOES. He’s an open, expressive guy whose emotions run hot on the mound. He’s a closer. He’s a little bit eccentric and a little bit flamboyant and we love him for it, OK, we love him wicked hard, so step off.

The weird thing is that their time in Arizona overlapped (Montero came up in ’06, Valverde didn’t shift over to Houston until ’08), so Montero should totally know this already. Anyways, Papa Grande had some thoughts in response to Montero’s fightin’ words.

“I never liked Montero,” Valverde said Sunday morning. “He’s a (bleeping) piece of (bleep).

“If he wants to do something, tell him to come to my locker and let me know.”

“If you don’t want to strike out, don’t play baseball,” Valverde said. “Sit down on the bench. He was looking for a fastball? No. Go to the cage.

“Tell Montero he’s a freaking rookie and I can do whatever I want to . . . Tell Montero he has two years (in the majors) and I have eight.”
Nick Piecoro/Arizona Republic

Goodness GRACIOUS! I am clutching my pearls right now. What a bleeping piece of bleep, indeed! But how did Montero respond to this, um, strongly worded statement?

Montero laughed after having the comments relayed to him.

“I don’t think he’s got eight years because he got sent down seven or eight times,” Montero said.

“Yeah,” Montero said, “because he’s dumb. What do you want me to say? He’s smart. No. He’s just dumb.”
Nick Piecoro/Arizona Republic

So much anger, so much dislike. So fiesty, though! I probably should take some sort of hypothetical high road and talk about how petty and stupid this is, such an Insult to the Game, etc, but that would be a lie, I love this stuff. Although the idea of someone taking Papa Grande’s antics so personally, especially someone he played with, is still baffling.

–To New York! Weather and travel permitting, I WILL BE AT THE TUESDAY NIGHT GAME AT CITI FIELD. If you’re also planning to be there and you see me around, feel free to come on over and say hi! I’ll be carrying a big ol’ camera, I have short hair, and I will be wearing a 2009 All Star Game Brandon Inge jersey. There probably won’t be too many other people wearing that, so I should be relatively easy to spot.

Justin needs to win for me. Or no, not for me. WIN IT FOR THE SWEET MEMORY OF FREDFRED, JUSTIN. Do it for the wee kittens.

Welcome back, Max.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Max Scherzer returns to the big leagues with a completely, utterly insane 14 strikeouts in 5.2 innings. I really don’t even know what to say. Who throws 100+ pitches so quickly that they are unable to finish a full six innings, but at the same time pitches well enough to give up no runs whatsoever and also strike out 14 dudes? Tigers pitchers, apparently.

Like, seriously. You guys. Fourteen Ks. Five point two innings.

I just… nope. I got nothin’. So here’s Max Scherzer riding a tiger K back to Detroit. That’s all I can really think to ‘say’.

When Twinkies Attack

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Max, Max, Max. What happened? Seven runs in the first two innings? Eighty-seven pitches through 4.1? Do you have a little tummy bug, maybe? Was Joel Zumaya up all night playing Guitar Hero really loudly in the hotel room next to yours, keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep? Do you feel a nasty grabbing sensation in your oblique?

Are you simply allergic to Twinkies?

I just need to know. I need this (and the previous six run, 3.2 inning effort) to make some kind of sense. Thanks in advance.

Highlight of the game: Rod and Mario making fun of Ryan Raburn’s habit of sticking his tongue out and kind of chewing on it when he’s concentrating really hard.

Additionally: “Now I don’t have to dress with my coach’s you-know-whats in my face.” Jim Leyland, talking about the new (apparently bigger) clubhouses in Creepy Twin Park. Rod Allen calls him “a beaut”.

What else, what else? It was pretty cool that Brad Thomas was able to come in and effectively save the entire ‘pen. Between this and Justin’s efforts on Sunday, the Detroit bullpen should actually be nice and fully rested for the remainder of this series.

When Inge hit his first homer of the year, Lance Parrish bought him a bottle of champagne. So now Inge is buying each rookie a bottle of champagne as they hit their first homers.

Alexi Casilla is growing something truly atrocious on his chin right now.

The Yankees’ only visit to Comerica this season (starting a week from today), Granderson will not be playing, as he’s on the DL at the moment. I don’t like him being hurt, even now that he’s tainted by the Ultimate Baseball Evil, but thank cats for this, seriously. Don’t know if he’ll be traveling with the team or not. I like to think that he’d want to, but I don’t know if the Yankees will encourage/allow that.

I’m a little concerned about that limestone backstop at Twinkie Field. It’s padded behind the left-handed batters, but the righties have only (literal) rock-hard wall behind them. I feel like it’s just a matter of time before some catcher goes back after a foul ball and hits that wall hard or something. It looks good, but it makes me nervous.

Sure is nice to not watch our fielders lose balls in the ceiling, though.

of Aussies and soda

Aussie baseball! by Samara Pearlstein

Coming back to win a game that has already tanked… I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one paw, great, awesome, good, yay we win, etc. On the other paw, well, we can’t expect to do that every night and get away with it, and in fact it is shocking that we got away with it even once, especially against the Twins.

Max Scherzer gave up six runs in 3.2 innings. Usually that would be the kiss of baseball death. But tonight it was not! In part this was because of the bats– which I will get to momentarily– and in part it was because of some BEAUTIFUL BULLPEN WORK courtesy of Brad Thomas (hence your lead image), and also this fellow:

RELIEF PITCHING saving the game? Why I never! But that is what happened. Between B-Thom and Coke there were zero runs allowed, three hits (a double and two singles), five Ks, and ZERO walks, all in 4.1 innings. That’s longer than the starter was in the game, mind you, and infinitely more effective. Thomas inherited two of Scherzer’s runners and didn’t let either one of them score. I’m not sure what happened here, but it brings me joy and I would like to see it repeated.

Of course even the best pitching and defense in the world will not get you back from a five run deficit. For that we had to turn to the bats. And Brandon Inge said, “Max, Max, don’t let the tears of losing mar your beautiful eyes. I will make it all better.” And Scherzer said, “Um, OK, that’s a little creepy. But thanks?” Always a manchild of his word, Inge hit the only Tiger homer of the game, for maximum awesome. They managed to work big, melt-down-y innings in the fourth and sixth, and went from having one run when Scherzer left the game to eleven runs in the end.

So, yeah, this one probably should have been a loss. It wasn’t. Somehow. Do we dare to hope for repeatability?

Some random notes from the game:

–There were actually TWO Australians on the field in this one. Brad Thomas, of course, and Luke Hughes, who played third for the Twinkies in his major league debut today. Sadly he hit a home run in his very first big league at-bat, but it was off of Scherzer, not Thomas, so Australia didn’t explode or anything.

–Jim Leyland on what he thought about a Denard Span dropped ball in the outfield, which may or may not have been a catch: “I’m 65 years old, I can’t see that far.” The reporters chuckle, waiting for elaboration. From Leyland, only silence.

–Scherzer’s eyes in HD close-ups are absolutely captivating. He’s got a snaggletooth on the bottom though that I also never noticed until I saw an HD postgame interview. (As a positive he notes that he didn’t walk anyone today, and this outing did not make him lose confidence in his pitching.)

–Miggy and Dontrelle hugging and hopping in a circle in the dugout. BEAUTIFUL

–OK, I have put off discussing this for long enough. The McDonald’s player of the game fan vote thing: why is Brandon Inge ALWAYS in the top 3? It’s not that I fail to appreciate him, as you all know, but it seems like every single day, regardless of what he’s done on the field or at the plate, Inge is up there in that voting. Who exactly is texting in those votes (I won’t do it because I’m pretty sure once you do, you get text messages from McDonalds)? What sort of crazed IngeHordes have control over this fan vote?