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pug marks, Feb. 4

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

pug mark 1
Tony G is no more. If you recall, he had hurt his shoulder, had surgery on it, and recently re-hurt it. So saith Dave Dombrowski:

“Unfortunately, Tony has not be able to recover from his previous surgery and it does not appear feasible for him to continue his career at this time.”
Detroit News article

Harsh, man, harsh. That is straight-up saying that Tony G is considered Permanently Breakable in a Mark Prior kind of way. That’s a dire sentence indeed.

Of course we wish him the best of luck in his future potentially baseball-related endeavors, but, given how highly the team rated him when he was starting out in the system, you have to believe that they would have to be very convinced of his inability to heal in order to release him.

pug mark 2
Dontrelle Willis listed 5 players he would pay to see, if, y’know, he wasn’t a professional baseball player who was actually getting paid to, in effect, see these guys. I find it adorkable that he has two guys he played with on the Marlins in there. And I do have to agree with him especially about Jimmy Rollins; I’ve had occasion to see him play in person before, and the dude is SERIOUSLY fun to watch.

pug mark 3
The Mayor is coming to Boston! Yeah, I’m happy about this. I get to keep actively rooting for Sean Casey! And of course this is good for the Red Sox… he shouldn’t be a disruptive presence, even if he’s only backing up all season, and he’s pleasant and even-keeled enough to be able to handle Boston (well, we think. I mean, you never can quite tell who can and who can’t hack it, but Casey seems pretty impervious to things like talk radio and Dan Shaughnessy).

And since we’re on a player blog kick, you simply must read the Mayor story that Curt Schilling told over at his blog. It is heart-warming and happy-making and yay Sean Casey!

pug mark 4
Apparently Miguel Cabrera had “some sort of soreness” in his left leg near the end of winter ball. Nobody’s worked up into a rabid lathering panic over this, so far as I can tell, so it’s probably nothing. Probably. And it never hurts to be overly cautious this time of year anyways. Probably. I mean, everything is fine. Fine fine fine. Totally.

Cabrera is currently looking to sign a contract extension, so I really only note this in the sense that it may be a worrying Sign of Things to Come if Cabrera doesn’t keep way up on top of his conditioning.

pug mark 5
Johan Santana is gone from the American League, gone from the AL Central, gone gone gone to the Mets. Happy days for those teams who no longer have to deal with him, such as THE TIGERS.

pug mark 6
Eli Manning is a wanker.