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Armando is gone, as expected, plus some other things.

image by Samara Pearlstein

No shock here, but Armando Galarraga has been traded to the Diamondbacks, where he will definitely get more of a chance to start than he would have gotten in Detroit (barring immediate Tiger injury/disaster, of course). The Snakes will pick up his entire salary, and the Tigers get pitchers Kevin Eichhorn and Ryan Robowski.

Eichhorn will be 21 this year. He spent most of ’10 in rookie ball, with brief appearances at low and high single-A. Robowski will be 23 and spent all of 2010 in high-A. Both of them had some Issues last year. They will be low minors fodder; this was mostly a Move Armando kind of deal. The Dbacks get a pitcher they need to make some starts, the Tigers get a pitcher they weren’t going to use off the books. Everyone wins, at least until Brad Penny’s shoulder falls off and Armando throws a no-hitter against the Rockies and the Tigers are left looking stupid.

The nice thing is that if Ryan Robowski makes it back up at a time when Ryan Raburn is still on the roster, we can start to recoup the loss of Rs that we suffered when Arrrrrrmando Galarrrrrrraga departed.

Other News That I Am Too Lazy to Make a New Post for

–The Tigers are retiring Sparky Anderson’s number. There has been a fair amount of chatter on the internet about this being a too-little-too-late kind of thing. I think most people agree that it’s the right thing to do, on its own, and I think most people would have liked to see it done while Sparky was still around, ideally while he was still mobile enough to make it out to the ballpark.

Obviously it’s way too late for that now, at least until the zombie apocalypse. So do you keep on being annoyed that they didn’t give him this honor in a timely fashion, or do you look past that and just try to be happy that it’s finally happening? I don’t know. Life sucks and then you die. But if you were awesome, they retire your number.

–Apparently the team is going to wear a patch with the word SPARKY and the number 11 on it this season. So are they retiring the EH patch? I think they should wear both. I’m aware that’s creeping up on Patch Overload, but quite frankly I don’t think that part of one season was enough to patch-honor Ernie Harwell. I’d give it at least another full season.

–TigerFest and the Winter Caravan happened, and obviously I could not attend any of the festivities. I guess TigerFest was streamed online in some capacity? but I wasn’t home at all that day, so I really missed it. WOE. Under the link are a whole bunch of linked photos from the internet, in case you too missed it.

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Forget everything you know about spelling: Jhonny Peralta is a Tiger.

The fact that Jhonny Peralta is now a Tiger is notable for two reasons:

— The amazing wandering H.

— His head is naturally shaped like a near-perfect sphere, instantly making him the Tiger closest in form to a Real Life Terrible Cartoon.

Aside from those two most vital factors, he was acquired because the Tigers urgently, desperately need infielders who are not raw untried kittens. Jhonny is not someone who can propel the team back into high spirits and contention with his bat, but he IS a veteran. It’s actually kind of sad to see him leave the Racist Logos (if we can feel any emotions for the Racist Logos that are not ‘disgust’ and ‘disdain’ and similar). He had been with them for his entire career, including his initial signing.

To get him the Tigers had to give up Giovanni Soto, another awkward spelling (given the fact that there is already a ‘Geovany’ Soto in the league).

Game? What game? This is all I can concentrate on, obviously.

Well, alongside one more thing: Jeremy Bonderman’s thoughts on retirement.

“(Owner Mike Ilitch) and the Tigers’ organization have given me an opportunity to provide for my family really well, and I feel like I’ve saved a lot of money and I have the ability to be able to do what I want — whether it’s be with my kids every day or go on fishing trips with my dad or brothers,” he [Bonderman] said in the clubhouse at Tropicana Field. “At times I love it. At times I’m like, ‘Man.’ “

“I feel I have a lot left,” Bonderman said. “If I really want to play, I can play. I’m just kind of thinking about it. I don’t know if it’s what I’m going to do.”
Vince Ellis/Detroit Free Press

Bondo. Kiddo, we need to talk. For one thing, this was only ever intended as a Terrible Cartoon joke, not a reality to which you should aspire. Maybe we should have clarified that?

For another thing, you are twenty-freakin-seven years old. You really want to retire at 27? I know you probably DO have enough money to comfortably do it, assuming you were smart with it and don’t plan to spend the rest of your life living lavishly above your means, which doesn’t really seem like your kinda thing anyways. Well, you probably bought some asinine car. Aside from that.

But what are you going to do with yourself? Sit around the house all day? Not to be rude, Bondo, but what other skills, exactly, do you have? Hunting season is not year-round, and you can only go fishing so often.

And: look. Unless your home fishing grounds are on the Gulf, the fish will still be there five, ten, fifteen years from now.

the D-train is a D-back

D-train by Samara Pearlstein

I completely failed to say anything about the Dontrelle trade. That’s what I get for trying to toss up a blog post when I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. I probably need to stop doing that.

Anyways, as the title suggests, the Tigers have managed to trade Dontrelle to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Tigers will pay most of Dontrelle’s remaining (considerable) salary. In return they get Billy Buckner.

This Buckner kid will hang out in Toledo and SHOULD be a non-factor at the big league level, unless a number of disastrous shenanigans occur. I don’t know much about him, except for the fact that he has been maddeningly inconsistent as a pitcher. I also know that he makes me nervous because his name is Billy Buckner. There is allegedly no relation, but it still just doesn’t sit well with me. Sorry, buddy. It’s reflexive, I can’t really help it.

As for Dontrelle, I wish him nothing but the best. Maybe that is easier to say because he’s going to a National League team, but hey, we’ll be playing them in a few weeks, so it’s not like he’ll never have a chance to pitch against us. But I always wanted to see Dontrelle put it back together. When he’s pitching well, he’s dead good fun to watch: on the mound, in the dugout, in the clubhouse, anywhere. When Dontrelle is visibly happy, it is almost impossible to be an unhappy fan, unless you’re some sort of unbelievably churlish Yankee fan or something.

There are some players who stink it up for your team, and then when they go elsewhere and get their pitching act together, it just annoys you to no end. Or there are guys who stink it up for your team, and you fervently hope that they keep stinking it up when they go elsewhere because if you had to suffer through their stench, everyone else should have to suffer through it too. This is not going to be the case with Dontrelle. He may not be on my team anymore, but I would still LOVE to see Dontrelle happy and healthy and pitching like it’s 2005 again. If you disagree then I can only assume that you’re the type of person who kicks kittens, or smashes a moth and tells a small child that you just squished the Tooth Fairy. GET OUT OF THIS BLOG, WE HAVE NO TRUCK WITH YOUR SORT HERE.

Arizona is planning to put Dontrelle into the rotation right away, so he truly is going to a team where he will have a chance to turn things around, not some place where he’ll languish awkwardly as an ill-advised long reliever or something. And, as he’s going to the NL, he’ll have a chance to hit again, something he had always enjoyed– in 2005, the only season he had 100+ at-bats, he hit .261/.289/.337, which I hardly need to point out is better than the current numbers of Gerald Laird, Alex Avila, and Adam Everett. It’s also better than the numbers of both Scott Sizemore and Ryan Raburn when they were up.

Dontrelle will be in a smaller media market. He’ll get to hit. He’ll be in a much hotter and drier climate for his home games, although I don’t know if that makes a difference to him or not. He’ll be in a totally different league with a totally different set of opposing batters. He’ll have to contend with that stupid Baxter thing instead of the wonder, joy, and privilege of having Paws around, but he can overcome that difficulty.

The Tigers tried every-which-way to make the Dontrelle experiment work. There were flashes of brilliance, and even flashes of simple competence, which would have been enough, but in the end the experiment failed. That’s kind of hard to take, and especially given Dontrelle’s salary I think they would have liked to hang onto him a little longer, but baseball circumstances got in the way. This trade was a roster necessity for the Tigers, but it could be a truly good thing for Dontrelle. I really hope it is.

but can fish grow facial hair?

doodle by Samara Pearlstein

Nate Robertson has been traded to the Marlins. Pretty sure this means Bondo and Dontrelle are in the rotation. PAWS PRESERVE US.

Nate has given us plenty to remember him by: Gum Time, the Pitching Goggles of Great Majesty, a certain tendency to overfeed gophers, the many varieties of facial hair, etc. He’s been with the Tigers since 2003 and I am sure there will be some Tigers fan, somewhere, who will deeply miss him.

But his ability to start and remain in the rotation was going to be in doubt all season long in Detroit. He will probably get more chances to stick in Florida, so it should be a good move for him, and I think he’s the only lefty on the Marlins’ staff right now, so it’s a move that makes some sense for them too (I guess I’ll just assume they couldn’t get any other lefties easily).

In return for Nate, the Tigers get Jay Voss, an almost-23-year-old lefty reliever who spent time last season in high-A and double-A ball. The Marlins tried him as a starter in ’07 and ’08; it looks like they converted him to a reliever just last year, and that was easily his best year of pro ball so far. He went to something called ‘Kaskaskia College’, about which I know nothing beyond the fact that they offer, among other things, “men’s & women’s soccor” (spelled as I found it). Unless there’s some sort of Spazzosauropocalypse, he will be a total nonfactor at the big league level this year.

Since Nate is due $10 million this season and he is going to the Marlins, I am assuming the Tigers are paying part of his salary, but I haven’t seen anything saying how much yet. I’ll update if I see it before the seder tonight.

ETA: Apparently the Tigers are paying $9.6 million of the $10 million Nate is owed. This means that the Marlins get Nate for around $400,000, which is a whisker above the league minimum. Now, LOOK. I understand that the Tigers were always going to have to take on some of Nate’s salary to move him. I understand that they were probably going to need to take on the majority of his salary. But this is ridiculous.

Poor DesigNate Robertson! In one fell swoop his dreams are realized and his raison d’ĂȘtre is removed. I wish him blog-well in this time of exhilaration/struggle.

the Worst Thing

Reports indicate that the Tigers/Yankees/Dbacks trade is a go.
eta: Report from The Mothership as of 3 pm Tuesday.

So the Tigers would get:
–Max Scherzer (Dbacks)
–Daniel Schlereth (Dbacks)
–Phil Coke (Yanks)
–Austin Jackson (Yanks)
–maybe Mike Dunn? (Yanks)

The Tigers would give up:
–Edwin Jackson (Dbacks)
–Curtis Granderson (Yanks)
–faith in the inherent goodness of the world


Trading Granderson was always going to be awful, heart-rending, soul-destroying, etc, but sending him to the Yankees is like… it is like taking the most beautiful thing you can imagine– say a kitten with enormous eyes and soft fur, sitting on a bed of fresh flowers under a rainbow while butterflies soar above it and Mozart plays in the background– and setting it on fire, then dumping it into an open sewer, then setting the sewer on fire, then putting that fire out with nuclear waste, then having sex with a bunch of half-decayed donkey corpses, and throwing those onto the nuclear waste sewer, and setting fire to the whole thing again. That is what Curtis Granderson on the Yankees is like.

As for Edwin Jackson… oh my gosh who will be Justin Verlander’s dugout buddy now??

My problem with the Jackson-for-Scherzer swap is that it doesn’t really help the starting rotation, it just shuffles the problem over. The issue was never that Jackson didn’t help the rotation– because he did– it was that there simply weren’t enough Real Live Actual Starters on the team. So, fine, we pick up Scherzer, great, a new starter… but giving up Jackson at the same time and failing to get a second starter anywhere else in this trade (Schlereth is a reliever) means that the Tigers are right back to where they were before. Before, the rotation was Verlander, Porcello, Jackson, and scraps. Now the rotation is Verlander, Porcello, I guess Scherzer, and scraps. THAT DOESN’T HELP.


Winter Meeting rumor mill continues unabated

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

You cats ready for Day Two of this ridiculousness? I’m not sure that I am, but the Winter Meetings don’t care about me. As before, I will update this post over the course of the day, if/as new stuff makes itself known.

–Fernando Rodney and Brandon Lyon both declined arbitration. Not exactly shocking, but it does throw the Tigers’ quest for closing material into sharper, slightly scarier relief (har har).

–The Mets like Edwin but ‘can’t get the pieces to fit’. So far everything out of Indy has pointed towards the Tigers asking for the sun and the moon to move Jackson/Granderson, which is in my opinion both appropriate and mildly comforting. You tell ’em, Dave! Don’t let nobody push you around, y’hear!

Team currently rumored to be linked to Jackson: Mets, Yankees, Diamondbacks (Dodgers, Brewers?).

–FOX sez the Yankees are interested in Granderson even if the 3-team deal falls through. So even without complicated, many-faceted deals, the danger of THE WORST THING remains potent.

–A Yankee executive sez there is ‘traction’ to the Grandy talks. What.

–Well, they’ve done it. Details and reaction(s) above.

–Apparently the Tigers have signed catcher Robinzon Diaz, although whether it’s a major league or minor league deal is not yet clear. Diaz only played in 41 games for the Pirates last season, soooooo…. I dunno. I would say that G-Money shouldn’t worry too much yet, but with the way this day has gone, who the hell knows.

Winter meeting trade rumors get going

The current rumor is that the Mets have picked up Edwin Jackson. (via Rotoworld, via AOL’s Ed Price) True, untrue, sort-of true, not yet true but soon to be fact? Lobby rumor or actual trade? Don’t know yet. I’ll update this post if/when I hear more.


Oh, also: the Rangers just got Clay Rapada for cash or a player to be named later. So ends the Clay Rapada non-era in Detroit.

ETA: ESPN’s Buster Olney sez, “The Tigers’ asking price on Edwin Jackson is said by other teams to be very, very high at this point.” Take that as you will.

ETAA: The Mets deny the Jackson trade. Also, the Chicago Tribune, which had indicated that the Cubs had interest in Curtis Granderson, is saying that the Yankees are ‘hot on the trail’ of Granderson right now (tip o’the paw to Billfer). Excuse me, I need to go vomit up my spleen.

ETAAA: THE WORST THING. Jackson, Granderson both connected to the Yankees via rumor. Just a rumor, just a rumor, just a rumor, just a rumor OF ALL MY NIGHTMARES.

ETAAAA: We’ve re-signed Adam Everett! One year deal, allegedly. This is a good thing, a move that pleases me. It’s 5000 times better than picking up, say, Bobby Crosby.

ETAAAAA: Ozzie Guillen at the Winter Meetings is glorious. “Ah, I don’t know all our players. Ask Joey Cora. He knows all of our players.”

ETAAAAAA: It’s 11:30 pm on Monday night. The latest thing I’ve heard on the Jackson/Granderson rumors is this potential/supposed story from the FOX crew, which would have the following go down:

–Diamondbacks get Jackson and Ian Kennedy of the Yankees
–Yankees get Granderson and Dback prospects
–Tigers get Max Scherzer from the Dbacks; Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, and Michael Dunn from the Yanks

Jackson is a 22 year old center fielder (he’ll be 23 next season), pretty much the Yankees’ top prospect. He’s a righty. He hit .300/.354/.405 last season at triple-A. Coke is a 27 year old lefty reliever who had a 4.50 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP in 60 innings in the Majors last year. He’s cheap. Dunn will be 24-25 years old next season. He’s a lefty reliever who had a 3.71 ERA and a 1.37 WHIP in 53.1 innings at double-A last year (2.25 ERA in 20 innings at triple-A, and he got in 4 games for the Yanks proper).

Scherzer will be 25-26 years old in 2010. He’s a right-handed starting pitcher who had a 9-11 record with the Dbacks in ’09, his first full season of big league service. He put up a 4.12 ERA and a 1.34 WHIP. He was 8th in the NL for Ks per 9 innings pitched, and he was 5th in hit batters (related?). He has odd eyes.

Don’t know how much I credit this rumorlicious report right now, but it’s something to chew on. If this was really what we got back for Grandy and Edwin, would it be worth it? :/

cue the paint huffing jokes: Tigers acquire Aubrey Huff

photo by Samara Pearlstein

So yeah. We got this guy. Aubrey Huff, Brandon Inge’s dirt-chucking little friend.

He’s not going to play at first base, so I assume he’ll DH. Why we desperately needed a DH who’s OPSing .725 right now is not abundantly clear to me, although I guess the fact that he’s a lefty is sort of nice? So Carlos will definitely have to play in left now, and The River is pretty much out of luck, and Clete, presumably, gets less playing time as well.

If Carlos still can’t play left field, then Huff will… uh… well, he’ll bounce around first and third and the outfield. The upside of this, I suppose, is that it gives Leyland more flexibility in his lineup choices. Since everyone in the universe is injured it will also give Leyland more opportunities to rest these Cats every now and then– i.e. since Huff can play third better than Raburn can (ahem), he can give Brandon Inge’s screaming knees a break.

In return the Orioles get Brett Jacobson and the delicious, freeing sensation that comes of not having to pay Huff’s contract anymore.

Zoom was moved to the 60 day DL to get Huff onto the team, but nobody cares because Joel Zumaya is, in a baseball sense, dead to us at the moment anyways. The actual roster move that will be necessary to get Huff on the 25-man roster has not been made yet. I’ll update this post when I hear what it is.

ETA: Eddie Bonine got Toledo’d, apparently that was the move. Also, Chris Lambert was DFA’d, but that was because the Tigers signed one of their draft picks to a big league deal and needed room on the 40-man roster, not because Aubrey Huff is so powerful a force that he has to kick THREE Cats out just so that he can fit in.

what're you looking at? ain't no trade deadlines here.

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Here’s the news so far:

–Josh Anderson was sent to the Royals for cash considerations. Sorry, Josh. It isn’t you, it’s us. We… we just need some time for ourselves. We aren’t playing around with other vague outfielding types. Honest. And really, Kansas City isn’t so bad this time of year. There’s… barbecue? Fountains. Um. You’ll be OK.

–Jack Wilson was traded to Seattle, Freddy Sanchez to San Francisco. Can we stop talking about the Tigers acquiring Pirates now? Please? (although John Grabow went to the Cubs, sadness, I would have liked to get him as he is one of my absolute favorites)

–Cliff Lee, as most of you know by now, was traded to the Phillies. Good for us, in the sense that we no longer have to deal with him and his 2.86 ERA vs. the Tigers this year.

–Joel Zumaya is in fact going to have that surgery and will be officially out for the rest of the ’09 season.

Fine. Whatever. He wasn’t going to be able to come back and stay healthy anyways. At this rate he’ll be 35 before he manages to spend an entire season on the field and then it’ll only be when he scraps the fastball out of necessity and learns how to throw a knuckleball.

–Justin Verlander is a giggling schoolgirl, trying (and failing) to make eye contact with Nolan Ryan, on whom he has a massive baseball crush. Just pass him a note during homeroom, Justin.

–A whole lot of nothing else.

Mr. Dombrowski and the rest of the FO seem content to march along with the team they’ve got right now. Certainly there’s no urgency to any of the idle rumors that have been floating around, and (as of right now) it doesn’t sound like any big moves are imminent. Reactivating Carlos Guillen was the one ‘big’ thing the Tigers planned on doing; it has duly been done, and it’s worked out OK so far. Whatever. One great big Whatever.

Like I said, I will be in Ohio for various baseball games this weekend (a Mahoning Valley Scrappers game on Friday, the Tigers/Racist Logos game on Saturday), so if something DOES go down, I won’t be around to deal with it until late Sunday or Monday. If you’re getting psyched about the deadline, some of the boys are having a livechat over yonder from 2-4 pm on Friday. Should be a good time, I would totally join them if I was going to be within reach of a Magical Internet Portal, so yeah, check those cats out.

the true story of the Gerald Laird trade

This is the true story, exactly as it happened. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s precisely this sort of piercing insight into front office maneuvers that brings you here to Roar of the Tigers again and again, or at least once and then very occasionally thereafter.

Two pages, pure lazy refusal to use a ruler, 100% of FACT!

Click for bigger, as per usual.

And, for no particular reason, here’s Guillermo Moscoso, aka the old cheese for which Gerald Laird was traded.

Wearin’ his old cheese hat.

Boring offseason is boring.