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Tigers ride to Cleveland victory

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

It is apparently That Time of the Year: the bugs are back in Cleveland. Nobody is quite sure what kind of bugs they are– people seemed to think they were some sort of gnat when they harassed the Yankees out of town a couple seasons ago– but Mario said something about flying ants on Tuesday night’s broadcast, so flying ants are what we’ve got here, at least until someone comes and tells us otherwise.

Riding the bugs to victory: Edwin Jackson and Ryan Raburn.

Jackson threw 7 wicked good, awesomesauce innings, suffering stoically through his usual lack of run support by giving up a grand total of ZERO runs. The Racist Logos didn’t even hit him hard. Choo had a double, but that was it for extra base hits. Sure, it wasn’t a sexy zillion-strikeout Verlander-esque outing (Jackson K’d two in those seven innings, and walked three), but it was a bloody good start, and it was exactly what we needed/wanted to see from Jackson, especially as it had started to look like he was tiring late in the season.

Folks who haven’t been watching Jackson lately, just looking at his overall numbers, would probably sporfle at that, but he actually hadn’t held a team run-less since May, and he’d given up 17 runs in his last four games prior to this one. He’s still fairly young and he’s only been a starter since 2007, so season fatigue is a real, pants-wettingly scary possibility down the stretch here. A 100+ pitch game, in September, where Jackson DIDN’T look like he was sucking wind at the end, is a serious relief. Hopefully it won’t end up being a temporary sort of relief.

As for Raburn, oh, you know, he just went 2-for-3 with two walks and a home run that took on additional importance given the low-scoring nature of the game. On a night where EVERY baserunner was of vital importance, he got on base four times. OK, so he was caught stealing at one point, but he also made a great throw from the outfield to nail Matt LaPorta at home, and I reckon that more than makes up for it.

Magglio also had three hits (a double and two singles) and a walk, so his average is sitting at a very light and fluffy .295 right now (I say ‘light and fluffy’ because his OPS is an unfortunate .765). Maybe he’s trying to fool us into feeling better about his contract situation.

Due to the fact that the stupid Wrong Sox can’t do ANYTHING right, the Tigers really, really needed this win, and will probably continue to desperately need every win from here on out, because the Twinkies are refusing to lie down and decently die, and the wild card ain’t comin’ from this division. Tonight FredFred goes up against Justin Masterson, a pitching matchup I am very much looking forward to watching. Children dueling on the mound! Someone call CPS!

Tigers win a pitched battle of pitchers

photos by Samara Pearlstein

Friends, felines, we have just witnessed a fantastic pitching duel between Jeremy Guthrie and Edwin Jackson. It was 1-0 Tigers going into the 8th inning, the only run a Magglio Ordonez linedrive homer. Guthrie was ultimately tagged with three runs, but two of those were inherited runners who scored while Cla Meredith was pitching. Edwin gave up two runs, but those did not come until the top of the 9th, when he was well over 100 pitches.

What can even be said about Edwin Jackson? He had a bad outing his last time out, the shortest outing of his season, it took him 115 pitches to get through 4 innings, and tonight was his answer to that outing because it took him basically the same number of pitches to get through 8 and change. Every time I acknowledge that he is good at throwing a baseball I feel like he comes right back at me, all I WILL THROW THIS BASEBALL EVEN BETTER THAN YOU HAVE SEEN. And I’m like, I SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING THERE EDWIN JACKSON, I AM GAZING AT YOU WITH LITTLE TINY HEARTS IN MY EYES, IF I WAS A CARTOON RIGHT NOW MY EYES WOULD BE DRAWN AS HEART SHAPES.

Edwin Jackson has handed down 117 strikeouts and only 47 walks this season. He has a 2.62 ERA and a 1.12 WHIP and other dudes are batting .217 against him. He has an 8-5 record which is a catdamn tragedy because if the world was just he would have more than 8 wins. Eight wins are for the mediocre and Edwin Jackson is not mediocre. In fact the only AL starter with 8 or more wins who has a lower ERA than Edwin Jackson is Zack Greinke.

Edwin Jackson has a better ERA and WHIP than:

–Josh Beckett

–King Felix

–Justin Verlander

–Mark Buehrle

–Captain Cheeseburger Sabathia

–Jered Weaver

–Jon Lester

–AJ Burnett

–a bunch of other people who are less worthy than Edwin Jackson

Edwin Jackson, he’s so dreamy! Edwin Jackson, his birthday is a day after mine (but he is a couple years older than me, so I can say he’s dreamy without feeling like an irredeemable perv)! Edwin Jackson, he still did not get a ton of bat support, but he managed a win tonight!

Thursday is a day game, 1:05 pm. David Hernandez (who?) vs. FredFred. May the best child win.

Curtis Granderson, Edwin Jackson, and Jim Leyland combine forces to be MORE AWESOME THAN YOU CAN EVEN IMAGINE

a reenactment of the wondrous moment

What could possibly be better than a complete game win from Justin Verlander to start off a double header with the vile Wrong Sox? What could top that? Think for a few minutes. Try to guess.

If you came up with “Curtis Granderson taking his shirt off”, congratulations, you are correct.

Detroit News writer Dana Wakiji knows what’s important to report. Detroit News photographer Tom Gromak is a prince among camera-bearing men. And Curtis Granderson, Edwin Jackson, and Jim Leyland are very, very good sports. Behold the amazing fruits of this combination over here: Jim Leyland takes shirt off his back to help Curtis Granderson’s charity.

First, look on the right under ‘RELATED CONTENT’, for a little link that says ‘Photos: Tigers’ bachelor auction aids inner city youth education’. Click on this link and go through all the photos, but most especially feast your retinas on this and this and THIS.

If you recover from those images sometime in the next century, you may then proceed to read the article.

Perry, a 22-year-old rookie, was up first. During the bidding, Laird offered $2,000. “I will not clean your house!” Perry yelled to Laird.

Jackson’s tattoos could only be revealed by removing his shirt, so he asked his manager’s permission. “You take your shirt off, I’ll take mine off,” Leyland yelled from the middle of the room.

Jackson obliged by removing his shirt and showing off his tattooed back and arms. He then demanded his manager keep his word. Leyland came up to the stage and said he would remove his shirt as long as the picture did not end up on TV or in the newspaper.

Detroit News article

AMAZING. Of course most of you remember the image heading up this post, from these bad old days, but Jim Leyland taking off his shirt in front of a roomful of fans and a number of Tigers players REALLY ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN REAL ACTUAL LIFE. Bobby Seay took photos of it with his phone. I feel faint.

It gets better.

After the auction, Jackson insisted Granderson remove his shirt. After getting approval from his mother, Mary, Granderson obliged.

Granderson blamed the shirtlessness on the tattoos.

“It started with tattoos, see what tattoos do?” Granderson said. “Good and bad. I don’t have any tattoos and it started with Ryan Perry rolling his sleeve up and then Edwin Jackson. Once Jim Leyland, our manager, comes up, I can’t get shown up by him. Very surprising, but I thank him very much for helping raise a lot of money. Hopefully the ladies loved it.”

Detroit News article

Oh Curtis Granderson, why are you so perfect? Edwin Jackson peer-pressured him into taking his shirt off! He got permission from his mom! Rest assured, Curtis, the ladies loved it, and I am certain a number of gentlemen did as well.

Yes. The Detroit News loves us and wants us to be happy. Granderson, Jackson, and Leyland love us and want us to be happy. Success. My eyeballs are happy.