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The Brawl, revisited

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

So I said I would have things for you to look at after this weekend, and I am kind of slow, you know, this is a lot of material, but here it is. This can no longer be called “morning” by any stretch of the imagination but at least it’s still Monday.

You can click that drawing to look at it bigger, by the way, although I’m not real sure why you’d want to do so.

In addition to the inky reenactment up above, I have finished with the photos from this first game (still working on shots from the other two Tigs/Sox games I went to). There are kind of a lot of them. Highlights below! (and remember to click the “read more” link)

Typical Inge.

Clete and Miggy shoving one another. They were playing keep-away/soccer with one of Miggy’s gloves. The game ended when Miggy booted it into the dugout.

It wouldn’t be a true Dave Dombrowski sighting without a striped shirt being involved.

How ridiculously adorable is this team?

That adorable.

Lots of shenanigans from Cabrera and Inge.

Miggy reacting to getting hit on the hand, and commiserating with Youkilis at third shortly thereafter. Which is kind of hilarious, of course, because not too long after that:

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