Placido Polanco has our hamsters

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

To recap: A few days ago I heard some guy on the radio say, “Jim Leyland doesn’t have any answers.” It sounded like the guy had said, “Jim Leyland doesn’t have any hamsters.” We assumed that this was also true, and that maybe the problem with the Tigers was simply that there were not enough hamsters in the clubhouse, or at least in Jim Leyland’s possession.

Recap: The Red Sox had won 5 in a row coming into this game.

Recap: The Tigers had lost 5 in a row coming into this game.

Recap: Arrrrrmando Galarrrrrraga pitched a weird messy game and discovered that he is allergic to Kevin Youkilis. The symptoms are an epidermal eruption in hives, restriction of the airways, and two homeruns in 5.1 innings.

Recap: Matt Joyce got his first ever big league hit.

Recap: Super messy game on both sides, with loads of hits and loads of runs and a Jonathan Papelbon breakdown that was so uncharacteristic that the Boston announcers barely knew what to do with it. Papelbon was trashing coolers in the dugout afterwards.

Recap: Placido Polanco hit the walkoff, shattered bat RBI single that ultimately won the game.

Logical (!!) conclusion: Polanco has our hamsters. For tonight, he has all the hamsters we could ever want.

Oh, and here are a few preview images from the two games I attended, just to tide you over ’til I really dig into processing them.

11 responses to “Placido Polanco has our hamsters

  1. zomg it’s wondrous!

  2. ok…love the hamsters…and the pics…but I think it’s a little unfair to say that Papelbon had a “breakdown”….he allowed a check swing, error, sacrifice, ground out, broken bat flare…that is more like “bad luck”…Lugo….he had the breakdown!

  3. by wondrous I actually mean the teaser pic of Miggy. I was completely unsettled even after discovering the results of the game this morning. Small ball, it is, I guess.

  4. PudgeforPrez

    Polanco by himself in that photo is adorable. The hamster is adorable. Together they’re like some critical mass of adorability.
    I can’t WAIT to see the rest of your shots, oh maaaaan. It’s hard to beat happy hugging Papi and touchy Pudge, but Inge’s expression there is priceless and Miggy is lovely and the tiger shot is gorgeous. Are you still working on UM photos?

  5. tiff, there will of course be more Miggy shots comin’ your way. ;)
    Tim, sure, that’s probably fair. Could consider it a breakdown of luck, though. :P Honestly I’m so used to Papelbon being lights-out that anything less is shocking on a breakdown level to me. I realize that’s because we have Papelbon on a kind of unrealistic scale, but still.
    marc, that was essentially my reaction.
    PfP, ha ha, yeah, I’m uploading the Saturday UM/OSU double header right now, and I haven’t even started processing the photos from Sunday yet. I knew I was gonna get badly backed up, though. I still can’t believe I made it to all the games.

  6. Oh. Oh, my. Oh, it’s perfect. It’s just what I imagined. It’s got a tiny little hamster hat. This picture will live on in internet legend.
    Man, those photos just need some wacky captions. Especially Inge, OMG. We’d better get on that. “I Can Has Thurd Base?”

  7. OMG HAMSTER YAY. Hello new wallpaper at work.
    Also, can not wait for more pics of Miggy. I had no idea he had such awesome tats. Me likey!

  8. I love the photo of Brandon!!! In the words of Justin Verlander (sorta): omg lol lol lol.

  9. About cats durn time! Glad Polanco was the one with all the Hamsters.
    I love the image and hope the Hamsters keep showing up in the clubhouse to keep our Tigers in the right frame of mind for a while.

  10. Matt, rest assured that when I get them on Flickr, they will be appropriately and goofily captioned. LOLbaseballplayers would be good too tho. They probably have the same level of grammatical skill as cats…
    k, I’m glad you like the hamster! I’m thinking I’ll make some of my shots from the games available at a big desktop size too when I get them online.
    Colt, he is the ultradork.
    Paul, I have a ‘hamsters’ tag now, so we’re primed and ready for more hamster acquisition.

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