nicknames and terms to know

Other Teams

Bluebirds: the Toronto Blue Jays
Racist Logos: the Cleveland Indians, for the obvious reason.
Rally Monkeys: the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/Anaheim Angels/California Angels/whatever they’re calling themselves these days.
Twinkies: the Minnesota Twins. Also, snackfood.
Wrong Sox: the Chicago White Sox. Obviously the Red Sox are the Correct Sox.


44th Round: Vance Wilson
AJax: Austin Jackson
AROUS: Chris Shelton (Albino Rodent Of Unusual Size)
the Big Potato: Jose Valverde
DaMeat: Dmitri Young
DYII: Delmon Young
Exceptional Mental Makeup Mike: Mike Maroth
FredFred: Rick Porcello (his full name is Frederick Alfred Porcello the Third (no joke), so that’s FREDerick alFRED)
G-Money: Gerald Laird
the Mayor: Sean Casey
Papa Grande: Jose Valverde
Plonkers: Placido Polanco
Rhino: Ryan Raburn
the River Thames: Marcus Thames
the Sea Slug: Neifi Perez. Also NEIFI!!!
Zoom: Joel Zumaya.

Other Players

Big Papi: David Ortiz
the Cane Toad: Bobby Jenks. From here.
Captain Cheeseburger: CC Sabathia. The CC actually stands for Carsten Charles. I believe Bat Girl came up with this one.
the Chinless Wonder: Jorge Posada
the Cuddler: Michael Cuddyer
Florida NewYork: Orlando Hudson
Fruitbat: Mariano Rivera
the Mantis: Gustavo Chacin
Oxymoron: Angel Pagan
Pronk: Travis Hafner. A contraction of ‘Project’ and ‘Donkey’. Don’t ask, I didn’t make it up.
the Wizened Unit: Randy Johnson
the Wood Elf: Brent Lillibridge


Axis of Evil: Bless You Boys, the giant SportsNation blog that used to just be Ian Casselberry, and has since eaten half the major Tigers bloggers. Pretty sure they’re aiming for total Tigersphere domination and so must be feared/shunned. Sometimes just ‘The Axis’.

country strong: a Rod Allenism, most commonly referring to a player who hits massive home runs. Formerly applied often to Marcus Thames.

coprolites: fossilized dinosaur poop. Stand-in for more common excretory swears.

The Mothership: the official Tigers homepage

MSM: MainStream Media. Official newspaper reporters, TV reporters/talking heads, major networks like ESPN or FOX, etc. Generally as distinct from Dirty Bloggers.

pug marks: paw prints. In real life this is one word, pugmark. In RotT life it’s two words and it is used to mark link collection posts. You can see all the pug mark posts here.

Rod Allenism: something Tigers color commentator Rod Allen says, usually over and over again. Generally a weird, awkward, or non-sequitur-ish word/phrase. Sometimes just ‘Rodism’.

Russian Blue moon: a rare event. Like a regular blue moon, but for cats.

sadface: :(

shersey: a t-shirt with a player’s number and name on the back and team logo on the front, designed to look like a jersey. Only it’s a t-shirt. Like this.

Tigersphere: the Detroit Tigers blogosphere. A collective term for Tigers blogs and those who maintain them, without implying direct affiliation among said websites.

toyger: a relatively new type of domestic cat, specifically bred to have a coat resembling that of a wild tiger. The toyger is not a wildcat; it is bred from domestic striped tabbies, and has only distant wild ancestry.

Things Jim Leyland Hates

weak sh*t
blaming others for your own faults/problems
diversionary tactics