nothing like a tasty Yankee morsel to get the Tigers going again

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

This was a good win for a lot of reasons, but I have to point out that Todd Jones is clearly trying to kill us all. I know that’s what he does, I KNOW, but HOLY FREAKING CATS, that inning! I cannot believe that inning turned out the way it did. I was sitting there joking around with my dad and brother about how Todd Jones was going to take a 6-2 non-save situation and turn it into a definite save situation (for someone else), but it was just JOKING, har har, imagine if he did that, OH CATDAMN NO HE’S ACTUALLY DOING IT.

Six to two. That was the score when Jonesy came in to finish out the game. It was 6-5 and Joba Chamberlain was hopefully warming in the Yankee bullpen when the game ended. I feel that we need something like a Tigers Fan Todd Jones Support System, where we set up some kind of phone tree and all call each other after Todd Jones appearances, just to make sure that no one actually died.

Aside from Jonesy, the rest of the team looked like they apparently usually do against the Yankees this year: bloody good. Kenny looked good… in fact, Kenny’s looked good in his last few starts, it’s just that this time he finally got a win for his troubles (although Jonesy certainly tried his level best to give it away). He’s leading the team in quality starts (that’s at least 6 innings pitched with three or fewer earned runs allowed, mind you), followed by Galarrrrrrrraga, so far all the bellyaching people have been doing about how old he is, how finished he is, etc., he’s actually been one of the more solid presences in the starting rotation this season.

Of course that’s all relative and removed from the sad context of our rotation might not mean all that much, but there you have it anyways.

Also good: Tigers getting hits, and being able to put men on with fewer than two outs on the board, which is something they struggle with against everyone else. It’s hard to say that the bats were on, though, when at least half of the equation was the fact that Kei Igawa was so very NOT on. Rod Allen was saying things about how the Tigers were playing with desperation now; I think they were probably playing with a bit of desperation against the Red Sox too. It’s just that here they were playing with desperation and the sweet smell of pitcher terror in their nostrils.

Still. Four and 0 against the Yankees so far this season. If the question is “How can the Tigers overcome their massive and inexplicable issues with the game of baseball in 2008?”, the New York Yankees are clearly the hamster.

3 responses to “nothing like a tasty Yankee morsel to get the Tigers going again

  1. ooh i want that picture as my desktop!

  2. Tigers Fan Todd Jones Support System. I laughed out loud.
    Honestly, it’s not a bad idea.

  3. OMG, love the picture and hope we get to feast on the Yankees again very soon.
    Jonesy was killing me too. I was with a friend watching the last inning after getting back from seeing Speed Racer and said some thing to the effect “Hum, I wonder if Jonesy is going to make us sweat this one out…”
    Sure enough we were white knuckling up to the last strike.
    Go Hamsters gnaw on those Yankees!

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