RIP Al Kaline

colored pencil drawing of young Al Kaline with tiger striped background

Al Kaline, drawing by Samara Pearlstein

It’s April 2020. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Opening Day has come and gone without any baseball– in fact, there are no major sports of any kind being played right now. The Tigers were not very good last year, but it turns out that even not very good baseball is better than no baseball at all.

And now we have to say goodbye to the man who confusingly introduced battery chemistry to so many young Detroit fans, the man who played his entire career in Detroit, who spent so many years after retirement dedicated to the team and its players, Mr. Tiger himself.

Rest in peace, Mr. Kaline. We’ll miss you.

3 responses to “RIP Al Kaline

  1. He was a constant. He always kept things real and when it wasn’t going well he was honest. No one lived and breathed the Tigers the way Al did. He’ll be missed in the same way Ernie is missed to long time fans.

  2. He was a great all around player. I have never seen a better right fielder, and he was obviously a terrific hitter too. Just a great guy too. RIP Mr. Tiger.

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