Tigers vs. Spring

I feel like I draw kind of a lot of Gary Sheffield cartoons. This one, naturally, is because our BFF Sheff took a batting practice ball off of his elbow and I guess that he did not have his regular season armor plating on or something, because it actually hurt him.

Things do not sound too dire, though. He should be back wagging his bat and stiffly lumbering around the bases soon enough, and it’s kind of nice to get this out of the way early– you thought Gary Sheffield was going to be uninjured this season? Ha! Think again, fool.

The latest minor ouch involves Jeremy Bonderman, who was supposed to start on Saturday but will now pitch a simulated game instead due to concerns about shoulder stiffness. As with Sheff, it does not sound like things are too horrific, and Bondo was allegedly annoyed that he was being held out of the ‘real’ game (of course, given his history, I am not thrillingly convinced of Bondo’s ability to correctly gauge his own level of Hurt, but, you know, whatever).

Thus far the Tigers have been relatively lucky and have not suffered horrific injuries and losses in what are basically meaningless games and practices. Let us hope that the trend continues.

(And do you think we should start worrying about Miggy, Armando, Curtis, Maggs, Carlos, and Ni now, or should we wait until the WBC actually starts? I wouldn’t want to keep them from getting their proper amount of nail-biting by not starting early enough.)

5 responses to “Tigers vs. Spring

  1. Oh goodness. I think the smiling sun in sunglasses is the best part. I love it.
    I’m already nailbiting for them. I was very relieved when Verlander got left off the WBC roster. :/

  2. Last week I was so excited about the way things were shaping up for the season. Now, between Shef, and Bondo, and Zoom, they’re making me nervous again.
    Must take deep breath and remind self: “It’s only Spring Training… It’s only Spring Training.”

  3. Love the comics. Check out my post about your end of year comic for 2008. Keep it up.

  4. Gary Sheffield must be sacrificed so that the Tigers may win. It’s like the Lottery, only everyone knows who should be stoned.

  5. always love the cartoons

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