Does it ever get boring talking about how good Justin Verlander is?

all photos by Samara Pearlstein







15 responses to “Does it ever get boring talking about how good Justin Verlander is?

  1. You are so right. He has been amazing.

  2. Never boring. Let’s clone him!

  3. I agree Lisa the Tigers could have 2 freakin’ mega awesome superstars on their team do the same thing with the big man and the king of swing. Teach the big man’s clone not to drive and drink at the same time and belch in the police officer’s face.

  4. No, it’s not boring yet. It’s still a glorious new thing, this thing that’s been happening. Never in my lifetime has somebody on MY TEAM been this unspeakably good at what they do. (You at least had late 90’s Pedro with the Sox. And Manny, for that matter.) The closest thing was seeing Barry Sanders in the early 90’s, and those teams were only good maybe once. This is why you watch sports.

  5. we don’t need to clone paws he’s eternal he shall live forever. Fathers will tell their children of the cat the myth the legend for years to come it shall be passed down through the ages he is long foretold that he will lead the Tiger faithful to another world series just as he did in ’84 and beat the dreaded San Diego chicken and then will help lead the country as vice president under Justin Verlander. It shall be so!

  6. Look, I’ve got urge caution on this cloning thing. Sure, it SOUNDS great. But lest we forget, we’re talking about the Dominant Form of Life on This Planet. We’re playing with fire, here, people! I’ve seen Jurassic Park.

    …and what if JV and JV2 didn’t get along? Their epic battle would cause the universe to implode.

    • yeah, but the tigers would do good right? so i think they could pull through to the end of the season and eventually the world series then they can destroy the galaxy but we can NOT clone the other JV (the big patato)
      the universe would definetly implode because of all that unsportsmanlike dancing and i dont think the world could handle all that squating!

  7. Let’s see… 5 man rotation… We need to clone JV about four times.

  8. Penny did okay but can we just get rid of him yet? If you didn’t see the Tigers sent poor catoon faced Chance Ruffin to the Marineers. We will always remember your 2 homer debut. Although I think Jay Shborz had the most memberale debut against the NYM walked a couple then hit 2 batters Jay’s Tiger Career shall R.I.P.

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