A message to Baseball in the spring, on behalf of Miguel Cabrera.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Dear Baseball:


Sincerely and angrily,
Tigers fans

In case you missed it, Miguel Cabrera took a grounder to the face yesterday. He was bloodied and dazed and it was generally Not OK. The Internet is saying that he has a small fracture under his eye and will be out two weeks, optimistically but at least somewhat reasonably slated to return a tad before Opening Day.

There’s no reason to panic. The damage could have been MUCH worse, and, barring unforeseen additional difficulties, the consequences of this will not cut into games that count. But… it’s just not what Miguel Cabrera or the Tigers needed right now, you know?


Staying calm. Staying calm. Miggy will be fine. Baseball just needs to agree to not be a jerk to him, and we’ll continue to get along okay.

7 responses to “A message to Baseball in the spring, on behalf of Miguel Cabrera.

  1. Only a flesh wound?


  2. Good one, Farlane!

  3. Ouch! I can sympathize with Miggy. I was in a bookstore once and had a heavy hardcover fall on my eye from the top shelf. I almost dropped to the floor right then. It was one of the worst pains I’ve had in my life and my eye was blue for a week – but I didn’t even break anything. I hope Miggy’s bag of frozen peas is up to the task. :(

  4. Wow…I didn’t hear that he fractured something…that sucks :(

  5. I was following the game on my phone through At Bat. I saw the “injury delay” come up, then that Miguel had left the game, and I immediately loaded my Twitter feed all “Nooooooooo, Miggy! Noooooooooooo!”. After reading what happened, I seriously considered asking you to do a cartoon reenactment. You were obviously already on top of that. :-)

    I cannot tell you how much I love the picture that MLB.com had up of Inge and Scherzer tending to him right after it happened. Scherzer’s face was an amazing combination of concern and terror. Aw, Max.

  6. He’s a tough SOB. He’ll be fine.

  7. Maybe this is a sign for Leyland that Cabbie cant play Third Base….

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