Happy Opening Day!

Ladies and gentlecats, your 2012 Detroit Tigers.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Click for big, enjoy, and let’s start the season off with a win.

20 responses to “Happy Opening Day!

  1. Poor Joaquin hasn’t healed in the off season, I see. But that’s one fine looking team. Let’s go Tigers!

  2. Sure is easy to find Drew Smyly in a crowd. A little worried that we might wake up one day to find that Papa Grande has become Prince Fielder’s hash browns.

  3. I love that Jim has 2 cigs going at once. Good work, Sam.

  4. Baseball Oogie

    Well that must have been interesting for you.

  5. I love having Drew Smyly on the team. He’s just so happy! … I also appreciate Phil Coke sticking out his tongue at us… And is that Daniel Schlereth dressed up as an Eskimo? I heard him tell Keats today that he was from Alaska…

    As for the game, it ended well, but, geez, Papa Grande, who do you think you are? Todd Jones???

  6. Samantha your the best

  7. May Drew Smyly have a long and successful career with the Igers. I crack up every time I see your drawing of him

  8. Lol @ phil coke

  9. Who is the pasty white guy next to Raburn?

  10. No Tigers Seder plate this year?? *big woobly eyes*

  11. I love that Leyland’s hand is to his forehead, like this team has already given him a raging headache. This would explain the cigs. :-)

  12. Who’s that next to Gerald laird? The one winking?

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