mortal limbs

CJ Cron  -busted knee

kneecaps are not supposed to do that

CJ Cron is out for the year. He was trying to field a ball last week and something happened: the ball seems to have hit him, but he also maybe planted his foot wrong, or his knee just gave way for no real reason because that’s a thing that knees do when you’re 30 or older. He has described the kneecap as “just floating around.” There’s ligament damage that will require surgery to fix, the recovery period is long, and Cron was on a one-year contract with the Tigers, so that might be that and I suppose it was fun while it (extremely briefly) lasted.

sick Cardinals

this temperature would actually not be a fever for a cardinal bird but just go with it

Meanwhile, the schedule is all weird because we missed a load of games that were supposed to be with the Cardinals, who were busy letting pestilence work its way through their staff and roster. Will all these games be made up? Who knows?! I guess not?? Because I think there literally isn’t time???

The Cardinals actually returned to action today with a double-header against the White Sox. The Cards won both games. But don’t worry, the Reds are now missing games because they’ve crossed the Threshold of Positivity (not, as some imagine, actually a positive thing). The tragic fragility of human existence can thus properly remain at the forefront of our minds. Thanks, baseball.

6 responses to “mortal limbs

  1. The Cron injury was costly: He gave us some pop and is a very good fielder.

    It’s just a strange season. Hopefully we will see Mize, and perhaps Manning, very soon.

  2. I strongly support this redesign of the Cards’ logo for 2020.

    I still can’t get used to watching the games being played in empty stadiums, it’s just creepy. The piped-in crowd noise is creepy too, but less so than silence would be I guess?

    • I’m actually all in favor of no crowd noise. Keep the field micced for bat, glove, ball etc noises, give us the announcers, and let it be that. I’m happy the Tigers are letting the stands be empty instead of trying to fill them with cardboard cutouts or (horrors) those VR fan-things (well, not happy-happy, but you know… happier in a relative sense).

      • They have to pipe in some kind of noise or else Matt Shepard would have to apologize once a minute for the mics picking up players and/or coaches and/or umps swearing. He seems to do that enough already.

      • I think the cardboard cutout fans are hilarious, but then I think cardboard cutout people are hilarious in almost any circumstances. I do think it’s obnoxious of teams to charge people to put their likeness there though (except maybe in SoCal, where some might have a business reason to promote their own face). They should just make em of local frontline/essential workers, teachers etc.

  3. I do not like the VR fans at all.

    The rebuild has officially begun, with Mize, Skubal and Paredes being recalled. In addition to positioning the Tigers for the future, these moves should make them better in 2020.

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