in moderation

Just a quick note here to say that it has just come to my attention that some comments have been languishing in a ‘moderation’ area of the site. Usually I ignore this spot because it’s just filled with lesbian cheerleaders and offers of drugs that I do not require, but I realized today that, for whatever reason, there are some legitimate comments from you, the beloved RotT readers, in there.

These comments have been duly approved and should show up now, as they were originally intended to do. I still do not know why some people can comment and have it show up immediately, and some people get dumped into this limbo, but I am very sorry that it happened.

I’m gonna be checkin’ that sucker regularly from now on, so do not be afraid to spout your outrageous Tigerpinions, they will be showing up from this day forward.

Also, I would like to kick the Twins in the gonads.

2 responses to “in moderation

  1. So as I was saying… don’t you think it would be kind of interesting if the Tigers employed lesbian cheerleaders instead of Paws?

  2. I would settle for a version of Paws that doesn’t look deformed. No need to go all the way to lesbian cheerleaders; just fix that freakin’ costume.

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