a delicious morsel of Tiger adorability to tide you over

photo by Emily Smith

I was just catching up on some of my Flickr contacts, found this ABSURDLY CUTE series of photos by awesome baseball photog Emily Smith, and thought I’d share ’em with you lot. What you’re looking at is Jaden, Gary Sheffield’s kid, signing autographs for Tigers fans.

I love how intent he is, how solemnly dedicated to signing balls and gloves for the fans. I love that there are fans out there now with stuff signed by Gary Sheffield’s kid. And really, just look at how serious he is with his little Sharpie AND HIS LITTLE PENCILS WITH THE BASEBALL ERASERS OMG.

If that is not the cutest thing you’ve seen all day, you must have a pile of wee kittens at home.

Anyways. If you haven’t yet seen yesterday’s important notice please take a look at that, and comics are still in process. I just figured you guys had to see these, because the postseason can be a sorrowful time when your team is not in it, but awwwwwwww mini-Sheff!

4 responses to “a delicious morsel of Tiger adorability to tide you over

  1. Ahhhh, I love that fourth one where he’s kneeling on the dirt lookin’ up at the fans, all, ‘hey, what’s your name? how do you spell that? i’ll write it on here.’ So friggin’ cute.
    A+ cheer-up post!

  2. Yeah, and he signed it all…huge and kidlike…you know how they write their names, letters all crooked…like this.

  3. Em just takes great photos period. Then you add in something so cute like that it makes you just go “awwwww”
    I hope Sheffield gets to see these cause if they were of my kid I’d want copies for sure.

  4. Cute pictures of Mr. Jaden. He looks like he happily signed for everyone, and everyone appreciated his autographs, too :-)

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