In honor of two wins in a row

MegaTRON illustration by Samara Pearlstein

No, this isn’t anything to do with the Tigers, but the Lions have won TWO WHOLE GAMES in a row, and one of them was ON THE ROAD. They had not won a road game since October of 2007. These are exciting times we’re living in, kids and kittens. Terrible Cartoon times!

Thinking back to the kick that almost was.

Stefan Logan, I know you were in Tampa and that made you think of sunshine and glare, but that is TOO MUCH eyeblack. It’s supposed to make two little bars under your eyes, not a Batman mask.

A question we have often had to ask this season, but NOT AFTER THIS GAME. No, after this game there was only HAPPINESS. Happiness and coach fist pumps!

Unlike the leader image, this is the more normal Calvin Johnson Megatron interpretation.

Four and ten, you guys! FOUR and ten!

7 responses to “In honor of two wins in a row

  1. This is the opposite of terrible.

  2. A World Series win for the Tigers in October, and a Lions’ Super Bowl win in February. I can feel it!

  3. OK I know there are other drawings here, but I can’t get past MegaTRON. I just. I can’t. It may well be the finest thing my eyes have ever seen.

  4. 4 wins!!! so amazing!

  5. Hey, this is a Tigers’ blog. A place we come in winter to avoid talk of the Lions’ woes.

    (What, what was that you just said? The Lions have done WELL the last couple of weeks? Now you’re just talking crazy. You know the Lions always find a way to break my heart.)

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