Terrible Cartoons from a Not-Terrible Weekend

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

I will be honest: although I did watch the entire game yesterday, after that top of the 10th I was quite thoroughly mired in Despair. It just seemed like the sort of thing that the Tigers absolutely do not overcome. I was resigned to my fate, willing to watch the sad final eep of the Tigers as they finished off the game, probably with something horrible like a weak groundout double play.

Then a whole bunch of magical baseball things happened, ending with MIGUEL CABRERA LEADING HIS FELID TROOPS TO VICTORY! Also, one of the most epic Super Best Friends hugs ever.

The pure, beautiful, boundless love between Prince and Miggy is one of the greatest things about this season and I think you will all agree.

Austin Jackson was instrumental in that last push to unexpected victory. He also had two triples on the day. Austin Jackson loves getting three bases at once and Comerica likes to reward him for that very specific affection.

The less said about Joe West, the better, but there had to be a cartoon.

Obligatory (?) Doug Fister with Hulk Hands doodle from Saturday’s complete game Fiesta Tigres masterpiece.

I guess the Tigers acquired Jeff Baker from the Cubs at some point, with the idea that he will be the right-handed bat that Ryan Raburn (DL’d with a wonky thumb, or at least that’s what they’re saying; could be DL’d with Persistent Awfulness) never quite was this season. The Cubbie haul has not yet been named. Verdict: meh, but I am a little concerned on behalf of Quintin Berry for the reason illustrated above.

Where in the World Tigers system is Danny Worth? He had been down, then he got called up, but now I think he’s down again? Maybe? I actually have no idea. I doubt that Danny Worth even knows where he is anymore. He has been up and down and down and up so many times this season that he’s practically two quarks, or at least this awkward yo-yo.

14 responses to “Terrible Cartoons from a Not-Terrible Weekend

  1. OMG I love scared Quintin Berry. That Jeff Baker, he has no good things on his mind.

  2. The awesomeness of the Super Best Friends hug was almost shadowed by the adorableness of Miggy dragging AJ out of the dugout, parading him around for everyone to admire, and making him do the post game interview with him. My love for Miggy right now is threatening to explode in my chest.

    When Raburn went on the DL, my husband and I made a series of slightly mean jokes about what he actually went to the DL for before we found out what happened. And then we felt kinda bad when we acquired Better Raburn from the Cubs. But only kinda . . .

  3. Miguel is a Hall of Fame player, and I have the sense that he is a Hall of Fame teammate too. What a game!

  4. I should add that all of the illustrations are inspired, none more so than Baker and Berry….



  6. hahaha This is hilarious! I love all of your posts.

    There should be something said for how excited Dickerson was while commentating. I was in the car listening to the bottom of the 10th and he started by saying, “…barring a miracle, this game is over.”

    When Cabrera hit that walk-off, Dickerson couldn’t even talk! All I heard was, “And CABRERA….IT’S….A….

    … (uhh, Dan? You there?)

    …HOME RUN!”

  7. Baker and Berry is classic. Is it too late to trade for Felix Pie?

  8. My 5-year-old loves the Berry cartoons the best, but I am sort of afraid to show her this one.

  9. Natalie (my wife) copied the Super Best Friends pic and sent it to herself so she could make it the wallpaper on her phone. Higher praise of that drawing seems unlikely. Great job on this round of cartoons.

  10. Oh, the Laird/Country Joe West cartoon. It couldn’t be more perfect.

  11. Marvellous cartoons, as always.

  12. omg that hug!!! I almost felt it, so grand it was!

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