Cartoons to sigh disgustedly over.

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

The Oakland A’s picked up Brandon Inge. I am not sure what this says about MLB– that the Tigers were so absolutely fed up with his inability to play the game of baseball that the literal decade of goodwill he’d built up was no longer enough, forcing them to release him, and he STILL gets signed by some other team– like, what does a tenure-type dude have to do to NOT have a job in baseball?– but whatever.

It’s just not right. He hasn’t even been wearing his socks up, as if he too keenly feels the inherent wrongness of this.

And then, of course…


I don’t even want to get into the antisemitism aspect of the incident, because it IS still just an allegation at this point, and accusing someone of a hate crime is Serious Business. But I think it is beyond debate that Delmon was drunk as hell and got himself involved in some sort of altercation, so the cartoons stand as is for now.


In other news, the art world has been all in a lather because a pastel version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream was just sold for $120 million, making it the most expensive piece of art ever to hit an auction. This says all sorts of terri-mazing things about the art world, commodification, wealth distribution (and lack thereof), the impact of the economy on the secondary art market (and weird lack thereof), etc… but I was unable to keep myself from repeatedly thinking of this old friend of ours:

I are srs artist.

Anyways, I expect we are all more than happy to see the back end of April now.

17 responses to “Cartoons to sigh disgustedly over.

  1. I love that Paws has the fluffed up “raccoon tail” of an angry kitty as he attacks that “April in the D”.

  2. I “get” you, Samara. It’s an MVN veteran thing.

  3. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed the pajama pants Inge is sporting for the A’s.

    • I saw clips of him playing and wailed “Why aren’t his pants up??” at the television. It just . . . urgh. Wrong. Everything about it is so wrong and makes me want to cry.

      Though, my husband and I want to get customized player Oakland shirts with “Inge” on the back purely out of spite/loyalty/amusement. We have Issues.

    • I just watched him bat on MLB.TV. It was so weird to see him with the long pants, plus it looked like he shaved his facial hair off? I couldn’t quite tell–they kept showing him from the side. Unfortunately he struck out. Then I turned back to the Tigers game and saw Jhonny Peralta’s walkoff HR–amazing! Hopefully it’s the start of better things for them!

  4. The only thing good that has come out of Inge being in Oakland is that interview he did with Sean Casey for the MLB Network.

    I haven’t seen much game footage yet (so I’m eagerly anticipating the Tig’s upcoming West Coast trip) but I keep trolling A’s fan sites and reading things like “Did you SEE that play Inge just made???” and that makes me very, very sad.

  5. The Tiger Scream…… can I commission a similar piece to rest for eternity on my headstone?

  6. Very nice article today (May 6) about Brandon on FSDetroit website. Check it out. Bob Melvin loves him! He’ wearing number 7 now!! I know I will stay up late to watch the Oakland A’s this week! Crazy.

    • That was a great article, and points out what was so special about Brandon. It’s nice to know what his actual teammates and former teammates think about him, and what a good teammate he was and is. That’s stuff fans don’t really see, and can only speculate on from examples we might see in the dugout. He sounds like a real leader and someone who helps the other guys do better. No wonder Leyland was sorry to see him go, and Bob Melvin always wanted him on his team.

      I realize Brandon can’t hit, but I get really annoyed when I read comments on sports sites that pretty much say he was a bad person and a terrible whiner and teammate, and pulling up examples like when he complained about maybe having to catch one year, and complaining when the team got Pudge.

      Yes he might have complained a couple times, but who doesn’t. I think because these guys get paid so much, we think they aren’t human and should never say a discouraging word or have a negative thought about anything that comes their way. Brandon Inge seems to be the type of person who gets things off his chest right away, then sucks it up and goes out and does what he has to, mostly cheerfully.

      I just hope he can start hitting a little better on the A’s so the fans don’t start in on him there too.

      • 3-run homer today! But, norahw, I couldn’t agree more. Thanks, Sharon for posting about this.

      • I agree… People always said he was such a whiner and/or complainer… He generally would be quoted once or twice saying he was “disappointed” that the team felt the need to sign, say, a Hall-of-Fame caliber catcher when catching was his job. But he always managed to put that disappointment away after a few days, a week maximum, and show up and say “put me in coach, I’m ready to play”. People who say he was a complainer are just haters, plain and simple.

  7. Did I miss something, or was April in the D decidedly low-key this year? Yes there was the usual generically loud theme song, but I recall no Facebook exhortations to vote, no video clips of the chosen band performing the song, concerts at the ballpark during the pregame show by the top finishers, or (my personal favorite part) “jukebox” special showing clips of all the entries. Did they decide that the whole idea had about run its course, or that adding a dedicated third FSD Girl for the duration would stand in for all the rest, or what?

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